Calling It Quits....

/Rant Begin
I have been the IT Supervisor now for six years and August will be my last month. I have been through five bosses and five plant managers and the administration at this place keeps changing. With each new boss comes new demands and even more stress and no additional compensation. My newest boss...priceless..mind you none of my bosses have been in the I.T. field but this guy is a micro-manager to the fullest and has to be in control at all times. I cant take it anymore...I dont make enough money to put up this Im leaving to finish my degree next month and I will happy to take on a part-time gig to get out of this place. I hate coming to work..I hate being at work..
/End Rant
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3 Responses Jul 23, 2010

So far so good..Found a new gig shortly after leaving my old company. My work schedule is perfect for my classes, less responsibility, less crap to deal with, less pay thats only temporary. Things are going well for me. I really needed the brain break taking on a full class load. Thanks for the posts. I will update this every few months on my status.

Good luck with your degree---go for it!!!!!

sorry to hear of your experience -- but GREAT that you can work on finishing a degree! Hope everything works out for you!