House Swap

i live with a man who is not yet divorced he has four children the wife has left the kids while she went to stay with her boyfriend i allowed him to go stay at her house and take care of the kids, now she is back and he has returned home however he is speaking with her most days and sometime it has nothing to do with the children. he is also giving her money when ever she asks she  is not working. should i be concerned.

1 Response Mar 11, 2009

Considering you've gotten involved with a guy that has kids, you should remember that he's still 'Daddy' to them...and because he isn't legally divorced from his wife, they're still sorting things out from kids, money, etc. It's a really messy situation, and it's going to be never ending. Literally.<br />
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My dad divorced his ex wife years and years ago, and remarried my mom but he still talks to his ex wife because they have two kids together. They're 32 & 34 now, and I'm 20.