So Far So Amazing

well, i am now in the UK and managed to reconnnect with the new aqua guy I had met online. I decided that when I saw him online and he started chatting, to be direct and bold and go for it. So I asked him for his number and told him I would call him. He was delighted.
The first talk was 3 hours long.
The second talk, of which he called me, two days later, was again 3 hours.
That was a week ago and he has called me EVERY day for the last 4 days, sometimes twice.
We are meeting up in two weeks for our first date and he has invited me to his house for the weekend the week after.
He specifically said that he wants a relationship, to get married again and have more kids, but first and foremost he wants to make a bond, a best friend bond, then take it from there. He told me that he loves my mind and my intellect and if there's a spark, we will be in that relationship.
I'll keep you posted, but I am VERY VERY excited!!!!
serenityjane serenityjane
36-40, F
Aug 10, 2010