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Aquarius Men Are the Most Challenging!

They are the most difficult men to catch! The light up like fire crakers at the beginning- so charming, very sexy...than they just want to be friends? 

I did not got after him- he came after me.

What to do? Any other girls out there experience the same thing? First it seems like the love or your life than they turn..!


Isadora90 Isadora90 31-35 104 Responses Apr 3, 2008

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I love reading about what the world has to say about us Aquas, I'm the typical damned if you do, damned if you don't, caring and giving yet taking and could care less, had a few crushes that never panned out, had a few that crushed on me, then met a little Gem that stopped me dead in my tracks, standoffish at first but I softened her up, we fell in love, dated for a while and got married, that was a mistake, after 7 years her evil twin prevailed and she pursued a more glamorous life, currently dating a dr 20 years her senior (after 2 others), the divorce crushed me and turned me into a monster, I dated, slept with and broke heart after heart after poor old suave Aquarius played heart, probably should've held on to at least 2 of those girls but I was on a mission, met a libra, fell hard, she was a pathological liar but damn could she get the job done in the sack, complete nymph, after we split I went on the warpath again, I'm not proud of it, but I break hearts, it's not pre planned, it just happens, I've been told I'm an amazing kisser, amazing in the sack and bring the best dates to the table, trouble is I can't seem to dig all of the girls digging on me and when I'm really wanting to dig on a girl she's not digging on me, so I just stay single and concentrate on my business, family, friends and interests, relationships have to be mutual for me, I don't like to chase and don't like to be chased, walk with me, talk with me, spend a little time with me, sleeping with me will not keep me, but your thoughts and actions just might......


Many Aquarian men I know wear a "mad scientist" hat that lends itself well to the objectification of women. As much as they like to wax on about their so-called ability to fraternize with women from a purely platonic perspective, they--more than any other Sun sign--are in it for the "trophy wife" who is physically gorgeous, preferably at least two decades younger but well-heeled enough to stand on her own (the easier to divorce her when the time inevitably comes). At the end of the day, we're more a science experiment than anything. Once the Aquarian has exhausted our possibilities he moves on to the next experiment that's caught his attention. In short, the Aquarian man is a parasitical paradox who feeds off the emotional responses of his unwitting victims yet also seeks the higher ground he hasn't necessarily tuned into. If he fails to do the later he remains a monster. Women often feel compelled to respond in kind to the lower Aquarian's head games but doing so only provides fodder for his science experiment. How does it feel to be an object under his cold, calculating microscope? Your emotional responses amuse him. Because he is more human than human, you see, and you a mere mortal to be toyed with.

Yeah, don't deal with them. I've been with my husband 22 yrs. and now he becomes distant and likes to be alone. Very good in bed but doesn't show affection. They are very argumentive and nothing satisfies them always complaining. Just irritating and aggravating. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't at east not with an Aquarius man. Their attitude and personality is just too much.

They are controlling and arrogant, does not and cannot communicate. Everything you say is wrong and you know nothing because you are a woman, he knows everything. They are ADHD, bipolar and selfish. You will be miserable the rest of your life.

Absolutely the truth they stalk you then drop you. The world must revolve around them unless they dont want it to. They are better as friends. They are smart intresting people. But in relationships there partners have to comprimise alot! !!

We are good in friendship not relationship. If you are willing to be our best friend first we'll love you more than whoever! That's us "aquarius"

girl me to, but only thing im a virgo and me and my lover are totally different. been together 5 years and his attitude and personality is so frustrating. One minute we together forever,next he need time and space,wanna be single. girl its too much, but if u really know him youll know how much you mean to them because they will let u know in so many different ways. But if you really love him,stick around ,give him time its just they nature how they act

I've married and divorced twice and both husbands were Aquarians. I've spent a total of 30 years living with these men and know them inside out. While I absolutely adore them I can say unequivocally: stay away if you're contemplating anything remotely romantic. I really can't recommend them for anything beyond friendship or possible business liaisons. I'm an independent, adventurous, free-spirited rational Sagittarian, supposedly among the better suited for the elusive water-bearer, and I gotta say, I attract these men like flies and vice versa. But I've learned my lesson and understand I'm better off as friends and nothing more. The Aquarian is married to the world. You will always be an afterthought.

I totally agree with you! I was in a relationship with an aquarious man for 9 years and it has been the most draining relationship I've been in!!! they are totally married to the world and those they choose and if you're not in that list you have to wait for them until they feel it. My advice to any woman who is not a Gemini or Libra or aquarious, look the other way and find yourself someone who will actually commit and stay committed!!

Yes, and even if you're on their list (which I was) there's no guarantee you'll stay on it. The Aquarian men I've known would really have been better off in the Priesthood or pursuing social justice issues without the ball and chain of intimacy, which they suck at.

To state only Gemini and Libra work best with Aquarians is a bit simplistic. As far as intimate relations go the planet Venus plays a huge role. My Sun is in Sag but I have Aquarius rising. This is a common combination and I believe one of the many reasons Aquarians are drawn to Sag and vice versa. But the difference between Sag and Aqua is the former doesn't take sadistic pleasure in toying with the emotions of others.

Bless your soul woman. Its great when you dont love an Aquarian . The minute you do they will go back to their wives <the world>. The most emotionally painful mistake i made was falling head over heals for an Aquarian male. Never become vested in one and you will have them close. Step over that line and your lost.

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i am a Capricorn girl desparately seeking advice with my aquarius man. we have been together for 1 year and 11 months. next month would make us 2years. i love him so much and he loves me too i know it but we keep getting into arguments and sometimes they get physical. we both have a temper. but aqua man decided he wanted to take a break for about two months to think if he wants to come back to the relationship....i am ok with that once i know he'll be back for sure. but the thing is he is never sure. one minute he is cold , and the next he is hot. at first wen the break was fresh we still acted like a couple even though we were on a break. i would constantly chase him around to get him to talk more to me and open up to what he plans to do but he just keeps stringing me along. lately he has started to ignore me. what should i do? should i ignore him back also?

same here with my big head *** boy. no do not you do your own thing too once they see u minding your business he'll realize what he's doing. they are free people thats why they act as they dont need a relationship all the time. make your relationship as a friendship but also give them a challenge some to make them remember and realize u good for them.

I need help someone... So I'm a Virgo who dated a Aqua man 10 years ago.. I thought he was a odd ball b/c we never went out and all he wanted was a phone buddy so after a year I met my husband and moved on. NOw a decade later, i'm divorced and ran into my old phone mate. We talked the first couple of days and he was so sweet/caring. We talked for hours and it was great. Stupid me started catching feelings less than a week and like a idiot I told him that I don't want to get hurt.. He looked afraid, I now understand that I most likely scared him away b/c I don't hear from him so much. So I have a few questions:
Should i be the first one to text him? Should I call him? Or should I just let him contact me whenever he is ready? He did say he's not looking to be in a relationship but if it happens it happens. A decade ago I couldn't get that, so I'm hoping I can charm this guy and one day be his lady. I don't feel like a month has passed these last ten years when we first started talking again and I miss him.. I know this is sad being it only been a week but he's such a sweet heart and such a intelligent guy... So should I just throw in the towel b/c I have scared this man or just allow him to chase me and don't call/text him?

do not im a virgo also. stay away! the only reason im still with mine is because we actually been together for a long time and we actually love each other. but as a virgo women you know how we like to express our feelings alot! they are unemotional people. so in that relationship you will go through so much crying in hurt. but if you really like and care for that person give it a try.

Yes, they are bipolar, bipolar, bipolar. Run for the hills, unless you like roller coasters. Dating an aquarius man is not for the faint at heart.


i am a Pisces and I am in very strong like of an Aquarius man..I'm so confused because he gets distant and tends to pull the silent card whenever I ask him what to make of our relationship status, but then he'll turn around and ask me if i love him..i also noticed whenever he is in a bad mood he can say some really mean and hurtful things..I'm not the kind of Pisces who gets quiet and timid whenever someone hurts my feelings..I'm a Pisces with a short fuse and when my feelings are hurt I either shut down or spaz out..I dont want it to get to that point, but should I let it.? is that what it will take to get him to understand where im coming from.?

run for the hills that's all I can say

Much of the same experiences. I have done tons of research and if it hadn't been for online resources...I would've quit him months and months ago.

I met him online 8 months ago. Things have always been slow. He wasn't a charmer...didn't come on strong at all. It started as an email a week for a month..then a text a week...then one random phone call. Sloooooowwwww. We met after a month.

After a month or so he broke it off with me claiming he didn't have time...came back. Broke it off again...saying we never see each other. I figured out the test at this point. So then a month or so later I flipped out emotionally and he said we need to go our separate having done the research I did on these men...I called his bluff and did no contact for a week...guess who came back. Well that was the last time he has done it.

He finally caught feelings about 3 months into our fwb. We kept things casual and then he changed.

Mine is very flighty. He will say let's do this or that and it doesn't happen..ever. He changes his mind like the wind.

The first few months was a roller coaster of emotions. I couldn't figure his mixed signals out for the life of me. He will blow my phone up for a week or two and then go distant up to a week. I known him so well I can predict it.

He isn't a social being. He likes being alone. He is a rebel and one of the most stubborn men I have ever known.

We have had a rocky road..about 8 months worth. He is cool and fun to be around and we do have a strong bond. He does care about me...its the little things..his actions.

You absolutely have to the friend mentality with these men. Every time I have mentioned a tiny bit of feelings he disappears for up to a week. He does come back stronger each time.

Haven't met family or friends which does tend to bother me...but as slow as he has moved this whole time...I am not surprised. The first few months was a day each week of texts. Now we text whenever.. very seldom calls...but I get a lot more I miss you texts these days.

I just get upset because we don't do much and we have so many similar interests. I think if he would let me in...he would see it. He slowly starting too.

be genuine and be yourself..have the friend least for a while. If they ignore you... ignore them back. They do like to chase...let them. He ignored my texts and calls for a week because he injured his back and was in lots of pain..and was "grouchy". So when he contacted me I ignored him...he blew up my phone. In 5 hours I had 8 texts and 6 calls....he completely freaked out. He was in constant contact for 2 weeks after that...every day. Then he got sick
..quit responding to texts again..text to see how he was response. So I text him back and said I guess you are grouchy...hope you feel them out.

If you feel they are worth it...learn how to handle them. He isn't romantic...not very affectionate...but he is one of my best friends...slightly addicting. But be prepared for a toxic relationship...mostly on his terms. At the same time stand up to him...and put a little fear into him. When he returns from his aloofness....he will come back like he wasn't gone...I have never mentioned a word about it and just been my relaxed self. I am an Aquarius also.

hey everybody! im in need of some advice! if anyone wants to give me some thats awesome! if not that's cool too. So im a 19 year old Aquarius male, ive had alot of crushes through out my life but beacause of my odd ball nature i usually cant act on them, Ive been in two "relationships" both fairly recently. the first was near the end of last fall,i was lucky enough to meet a girl that was mutually attracted to me! she was really layed back more so than any other girl ive met so telling her i was interested was like asking a good buddy to hangout ( she was an Aquarius too) Needless to say i was stoked! we got to know each other over the fall season and things seem to be going strong, until the middle of winter. she pulled the classic Aquarius distance thing. i found it ironic later on that i had my heart broken by someone who tended to act similar to myself, i like to think that experience taught me a valuable lesson and that i wont be foolish enough to do it to someone who cares about me. in order to forget her and move on i joined the drama program at my school which was one of the best decisions of my life! new friends and even managed to meet the sweetest girl ive ever met ( shes a pieces) through the influences of my new friends i asked her to prom really romantically much to my own shock and we even went on a few "dates" after we graduated. but heres where the problem comes in, i was never able to tell her how i felt, the whole Aquarius barrier thing is no joke. whether it was from fear of getting to close or rejection i could never work up the courage to tell her how i felt. sadly she ended up going to college far away ( all the same i was super happy for her! :) we still talk every now and then but my romantic feelings for her have started to fade. So my question is this: should i try to make it work with my pieces friend? Or move on because the "spark" has gone. And if so how can i express to other girls that arent layed back that im attracted to them. It drives me nuts having passionate feelings for someone and yet cant tell them to save my life! any help will be appreciated!

I'd say after reading an inordinate amount of comments on Aquarius Men traits and behaviors, I gotta say all those negative traits belong to MEN!, not only to Aquarius men. I have to clear the air before all future daters jump on the bandwagon of stay-away-from-Aquaman motto.1. "3 days rule" or whatever crappy rules to stay cool and act like you don't care; it's a frat boy's rules, not Aquarius men being aloof or detached. 2. Aquarius men need space? Who doesn't need space? All men and women cherish their privacy and enjoy a little bit of solitude. It's not Aquarius trait for crying out loud. 3. Aquamen flirts like in a row, there's no tomorrow. Well, is that trait only exclusive to Aquarius Men or ALL MEN? or perhaps WOMEN as well? Sometimes "sociability" is often stretched beyond the boundary and said "Flirting". 4. If you are clingy, they go away. If you stay aloof, they'll come back. What's that? Isn't that common for all those teenagers crush, college relationship. sorority, fraternity and such? When you're young, you wanted to explore more, so you're not looking for a serious relationship. All those negative comments about Aquarius Men, do not ever date an Aquarius Men should be directed towards all D-bags, pla<x>yers, scoundrels, culprits, etc etc etc. --> Here's my story if you care. Yes, I'm a 100% Aquarius men, with Uranus eccentricity, Saturn demon personality and such. (I). I had a crush on a girl when I was 16 whom I still remember to this day, I'm now 31. When I say "remember", I'm not saying sexually remembering, I'm saying that how my memory works. I wanted to talk with her every single day. I wanted to sit and stare at her for like I won the prestigious Nobel Prize. But things didn't work out that way. She's Libra, I checked after so many years of childhood by the way. We were young. We have our future. My constant calling her phone doesn't work as passionate and loving nature of Aquarius men. It came out as "needy and clingy" type of horny teenage boy. (II). When I started my college year, I came across another pretty girl who is by the way Sagittarius. We clicked each other. I liked her and she liked me. All of our friends declared "We are the duo. We match perfectly well, made in heaven." I was floating in the air. I was walking in the air. I called her every day. She picked up her phone initially. But later on, she gave me all kinds of excuses. Only when she needed someone else to kill her time, she picked up the phone. I started develop so-called "aloof" trait. We finally broke up. (III). Life goes on and I moved on. I started to develop "hatred" for dating games. It's all about when to call, how to attract, how to respond, what to remember. I wanted to say "I like you" when I feel like I wanted to say. I wanted to call someone if I feel attracted to. I love spending time together with someone and share our life experiences. But those rules, those games ruin my emotions, my momentum. Fast forward, I tried not to look up the girls horoscope and let the mystery takes me to the future. I came across the French girl. She was very nice, very attentive and I thought we really hit it off. She texted me every day, I texted her every day. I don't have any rules, games. All I'm feeling is I wanted to make her special. Then Boom!, she stopped texting me and calling me all of a sudden. I'm speechless. I dropped her a message if she's still interested. It took a whole day to get "Thanks!" in reply. What else? she was dating another guy behind my back. What's her horoscope? I later found that it was Virgo. If you're wondering "Maybe I'm an exception to the rule." No, I'm not a losery type of Aquarius men. I'm pretty handsome, well-dressed, and most often I got 2nd look from the girls. Not that I'm bragging here. But to give you the perspective, this whole scenario of "Aquarius men are aloof, detached, blah blah blah" while all Men do that **** and almost all Women play that mind games, I just wanted to say NOOOO!. It's not Aquarius. It's the freaking life show where Men and Women try to play games to mate as many as possible!!!

Nicely said

And sex with him is out this world his bad self lol

For the most part the aquarius man can be mean but once he's on earth dude is pretty good. I've dated two but the one i'm with now is so much a woman can dream on. I'm too an aquarius. We couldn't stand each other ugh in the beginning. Then we grew tired of arguing and came to see those arguments ended up taking us bk to the beginning. And he admitted he's not the lubby dubby type and he told me to bare with him in trusting him as he slowly give me his love and i respected that. We both have a child together n she's a leo by surprise leos r cool with us. So if ur settling for an aqua man b patient of he tells u he cnt luv like u want him to cus of his past life and being hurt but trying to fight it all trying to luv u believe him. Once u catch him in luv he never knew he could find. He's all urs but you'll lose him if u force him to love ik it seems unfair but everyone deserves to b loved right

And i'm a february born 1-91
He's january born 31-92

Taurus woman married to a Aquarius man for over 10 years. We have had only a handful of arguments I can count on one had in the past 15 years we have known each other. Like their sign says Aquarius men look for strong intelligent women, if he has to take care of her or if she is weak he will get tired of her fast. My husband has always pursued me even after marriage, it could be because I never let him feel like he has my under his spell. I have my own hobbies and friends and to be honest I let him have his freedom cause I have mine. These men don't like the tied to the hip this with his lover, let him be independent and he will always be around, he is also a great provider once he falls for you, both emotionally and financially. Act insecure, say or do stupid things, be weak minded and you Aquarius man will be gone, or in a nut shell they don't want women who have emotional issues or cry too much. And as a Taurus woman I can't have a sensitive man who is always on me asking me questions about my feelings, it's probably why me and my husband are best friends. I am more logical than emotional unless I get mad, logic is something this sign understands, being emotional over dumb things makes them question their relationship with you. Yes Aquarius men can have huge egos, be brash spoken or even seem unemotional, but if you are a strong woman that can talk to them on a intellectual level and not emotional they will respect you and do almost anything you ask. So putting them in the right direction is easy, if they seem to unemotional or cold, just remember they are introverts and have to have things pulled out of them, but if you can get them to love you there is hot passion under the coldness, just don't be so into yourself and your insecurities not to see it. So if you are a women or even a man who needs constant I love you's, touching, reassurance, passionate crazy fights, or emotional support over small things Aquarius men are probably not for you. But mostly they are there when it counts, they provide for the kind of life style you want, they are fun, humorous and very very witty...and when push comes to shove if and when crazy **** happens where most people would run away, your Aquarius will still be with you. They are a fixed sign with strong qualities and and look for a soul mate that they can call their equal.

U need to understand Aquarius say a lot of crap because they r playing mind games. And not in a bad way... It's to test u and see how u feel based on your reactions. I'd he said friends. Then play the friend card back. One thing I've learned from my aqua male is the less u call, text and say? The more they want u. I'm a leo and I'm very passionate when I believe in something sometimes to a fault. But I did my research on these guys and I am following everything and it's working. .y aqua male told me he doesn't want a relationship right now and "we'll see ". And so I played along. The minute he questioned where I was going and with who? My response? "Why do u care? " and I repeated his words and he was in awe. He knew I wasn't gonna sit around and wait for him and continue my life. That changed him. U need to be aloof like he is and u will see. Don't get me wrong they aren't bad guys they just take longer to committ. Thw more u give them freedom and less nagging, the more he will find u intriguing. I'm a leo and he is my opposite, I researched how to treat him from a female leopard perspective and it's working. I like him more and more everyday as I can see he does to.

My aquarius boyfriend hasnt spoken to me for a month now- he said he wanted to marry me but all I said was he was a culprit over something he said and now hasnt spoken to me- if he loved me enough to want to marry me would it be enough love to return

The key to aquarius men. They have to love you more than you love them. Enjoy them for who they are. Dont try to change them. They will appreciate you & love you deeply. 10 years married virgo female

im glad to hear you a virgo so am i. and me and him love each other so much we done been through so much stuff!

I'm an Aquarius man. I don't know what yall talkin 'bout. And the Aquarius sign does read me quite well honestly, which is a surprise to me, as I haven't found hardly any of validity in horoscopes or zodiac matchings, etc.

What you may percieve as a man coming to you may be something completely different. I don't know if it is because I am Aquarius, but I naturally flirt with women without intending to. (I've actually never intended to flirt, it just comes naturally) And if a woman is pretty and kind in nature, if she smiles at me I will smile back.

And unlike most men, I will genuinely seek friendship in a woman, not always looking for romance, and I am definitely not a one-night-stand kind of guy. (Which is reason for my still being a virgin, I neglected opportunities for shallow loveless sex)

Meow. I don't know what else to say. If you have any questions, I will answer freely.

Its refreashing when a man is not selfish and misleading to women. There so much a good frienship can offer without complicated emotions, and mind games.

I have been with Aqua man. I did not get attach because I just needed fun and someone and he was there. I am Libra/ Scorpio and I found him very interesting. We were friends for 5 months and he was super nice to me and then he went back to his country and when he came back - OmG. He was so sexy- I do not know what happened to me - I wanted to sleep with him instantly. And we were in this club and it just happened I went with him to his apt. And the sex was Amazing, and we talked and slept together and he was so kind to me. For me it was just one night stand, and I could continue our friendship, but...He continue msg me and we continue seeing each other. And then I was flirting with some guy in the club because he was ignoring me whole night and I am not used to it. His best friend approached to me and said WTF, are u doing with my friend? And somehow, after big amount of alcohol in our blood, we finished together in bed again. And he was so agressive, which my Scorpio side really likes, great sex. And after that nothing...he did not msg, he was ignoring and after some time he needed some project for school, and he called me like nothing happened. i was in schock. What an idiot! After everything, and ignoring, you give me a call like that: so I went ahead and told him, that he cannot do it, that I am really sorry if I hurt his feelings that night but he is just a sex combination for him, that I was attracted to him because of his intellect and humor ot his body ( he has great body by the way- he is an athlete) . And his response was I did not ignore you, I am sorry if you thought like that. And after that i did not want anything with him, cuz he was so selfish and unstable and I noticed I can fall for him easily if I continue. And he left again to his country, did not call, did not msg me and to be honest I did not care, did not even miss him. And bum: he suddenly msg me out of blue and told me he is coming for short visit and he would like to see me. And I went. ( I like having sex with him). And when we see each other again, such a burst of emotion. And he remembered everything: some things I do not remember even telling him, and statements like i missed you, i choose carefully girls I am coming in contact with...All these questions did you miss me, what do you like about me...Come on give me a break ... And i was expecting him to call me b4 he leaves but he did not. Thats aqua, you should not expect too much- just fun. When he is with you he cares: great conversations, cuddling but don' t be stupid and get attached.He is selfish, unreliable, unstable...I refer to me aqua as wind. So, to conclude, aquarius is just for some fun, sex, good humor, conversation and nothing more.

Well that's unfortunate. Maybe I'm just the oddball aqua who actually wants to settle down and have a family but never finds love? :(


I have read a lot of the comments and I found some of them very helpful. I absolutely adore my aquarius guys although there are times when it seems as though he's detatched Ive learned to respect his space. It can be challenging sometimes but its worth it. He is the most caring, intimate, humble, akward, charming and loving guy I have ever met. There is never a dull moment with us. I love his manliness although he doesn't wear his emotions on his sleeves I know that he love deep and that he has a great heart. And if youre lucky enough to have connected with one and you have the time and patience to really get to know an aquarian man hold on him because it will be well worth it. Delightful, Deep, Intriguing, Free spirit, Whimsical, Fun loving, Sexy, intellectual, patient, understanding and just all out a great guy.

Meow. *purrrrrrrr*

Wow, lots of sad stories here. Even worse is the fact that those types of behavior are not exclusive to aqua males in my experience. Before I tell my story with my dear aqua guy, I wanna say that your astrological sign does say a lot about you, but it isn't everything. A lot of guys (and some ladies too) are just pure and simple jerks. Not much to do with their sign or not. Just try and keep an open mind and try to get to know your guy for who he is and take him for who he is. Don't try and paint him into whatever type of guy you want. If who he is is a selfish, heartless jerk then cut your losses, value yourself and walk away. And by valuing yourself I don't mean play games. If he doesn't answer your text or calls you back, stop going after him, that's not playing a game, that's showing what the consequence of him being disrespectful to you is. People seem to think that playing games is part of relationships but it's not. It's manipulation and lies and it only bring by problems.

With that said, I have to explain first that I'm a Capricorn lady. In other words, I have some of the aqua attributes like a strong ability to detach from emotions and use reason. It doesn't mean that I don't feel. I feel a lot, but I have a strong ability to keep my emotions in control and separate myself from the situation and seeing it through the perspective of reason. I also had many bad relationships in the past (none with an aqua ever) so I tend to be protective of myself and careful about committing.

About four months ago I started dating the first ever aqua person I've ever been close to. I had no idea what to expect and after a friend of mine said we were perfect for each other only judging by our signs I decided to research the aquas. A lot of it made sense. He is aloof, he does space out, he's not clingy, he doesn't define our relationship, he's very self absorbed. He's also very self confident, attentive and caring when we are together (best lover I've ever had), perceptive, he remembers the important details, he's very morally correct, and awesome company (we have the best conversations).

Yes the aloofness and the self absorption does annoy me, but that's just how he is. I'm sure I have my own bad traits too. I choose to focus on the good things he has to offer me as long as I'm still having fun and being treated decently. For example, a couple times he didn't reply my messages. I didn't go after him and when he came around I was clear to him that I was displeased. We had a great discussion about our relationship where he tried to get away with but I stood my ground and he ended up apologizing and now he really seems to be trying to make up for it. I don't expect all of his attention to last long. I know soon he'll revert back to his natural behavior and I'm ok with as long as he is still treating me with respect and I'm having fun.

So that's my strategy, take him for what he is, deal with what you don't like and appreciate what you like. Nobody is perfect, aquas and us Capicorns are a bit difficult. I know I'm not for everyone, but oh well...

My mother and brother are Capricorn, and I was just a little later in January to be Aquarius. :3 My sis is Gemini and my dad is Scorpio...

Anyways... Perhaps when you notice "bad" traits in a person either sign typical or not, if it does not cause any real harm but is just annoying or a bit unnerving, maybe see it in a new light. Like say the self-absorbed Aquarian man. You can just flip the switch. If you care for him, accept all of him, and admire even the less admirable bits. I am only using him as an example, but I try to do this with everyone I care for. Like this young 10 year old girl I know. She is very bossy for her age and I am 18 but she would always tell me what to do without even saying please. Although a bit rude like that, and I would often correct her to say please, I found that trait of her admirable.

Another note is that even though people can be one way due to the way their life and culture has been, I think all of the signs could be seen in much greater light if we all were more tuned to spirit. It is unfortunate that many people have dumbed down the signs as just a quick way of reading people for relationships, without any true understanding or connection.

I had a very hard time dealing with an aquarius guy... as many mentioned in the Aquarius man love profile is very much similar to him...

He shows his care by listening to me..but hardly respond..the way he respond me, is by imitating my style of talking or my friends' way. If i show too much emotions (being sad or complaining problems without properly forming the whole story) he could directly ignore me. TOtally cold-hearted..

But in times, he suddenly will mention about what i had said (as he has very clear memory.. I was thinking maybe he need times to progress what he had said, replaying the whole situation very slowly.. (almost two weeks for each situation)

there are two side of him > one is in a very serious mood, while another is willing to play and have fun.. you have to figure out which one when he is talking to you.. once careless.. it is always hard to pick up the pieces..

ONE THING to Take note is: when he is outside with his friend, try not to chat with him. say it politely to him

He somehow very serious, formal, proper even though he is funny and creative.. somehow he doesnt like girls that are timid minded or show that they cares... it turn him off completely.. and he will ignore you. If you really like him, have to be very careful or what you say, what you act... listen more to him, his idea, his life. But he is very self concern and selfish..

I know that girls have feelings, somehow like to flirt and say something stupid by seeing the guy they admire.. the time when you act like that.. he will say "What's wrong with you?"

I try and try to play cold, be his friend, be patient and listen... i know that this is suffering.. so the time that i forgot to be what he want me to be ( normal , cold, easy going, do not talk random stuff) he freak out, and scolded me...

SO I split out all my feelings and i gave up.. seriously is a hard time.. but if you really want to be with him... you have to play the games... either you wanto be yourself or you wanto please him... I choose to give up.

Its so difficult to be someone else, but its a good choice to be yourself in the long run, since eventually he would have discovered something up? Try and be happy without your aquarian and move on to a guy that clicks with you mind body and soul. Aquarius men are the most difficualt man to be with, I think many different things could put them off... being clingy. sappy love, talking too much and being predictable.. those are just a few things... i think they like well developed people who have interest other than sex and making out or simple wanting to be with someone because thats what expected.. not sure. have hobbies passionate about a art or skill or a cause. if they dont like you they stop talking to you and they ignore you... I know I was once with one and I liked him too much. I never really had a chance.

As an Aquarius male I can definitely understand a lot of the frustration within the comments of this posting and not to justify any wrong doings experienced however what a lot of people tend to not understand is that we are birth with the gift and the curse of innately knowing who we are. We do not go through the luxurious phase of "finding ourselves" because we just innately cannot live in the present and with that I believe stems the issue that throughout life, definitely in our youthful years, not only do we acknowledge how "unique" we are but it seems like the masses (generalized) tend to go out there way to remind us about it as well, just not in the same sense as we do. We are extremely eccentric and we love for everybody to get a piece of it cause not everybody is that comfortable with themselves to laugh at themselves to place a smile on somebody's face. However, its the individuals who abuse this attribute who tick us off lol! Then that's when outwardly everything goes without notice, but since it's kind of expected anyway, inwardly we have to deal with our emotional wounds in private because of those select few we tend to generalize the masses thinking that they just won't understand. <br />
<br />
But I can tell that a lot of people read these zodiac articles, which I must say are extremely interesting, but they read them for Aquarius males and they categorize us due to what they read without really assessing it to the overall behavior. The articles say that we are unemotional, aloof, and detached then they say we are strong eccentric humanitarians. To us it makes absolutely no sense for an emotionally unstable person to look onto another who is also emotional unstable! That's just going to potentially add to the problem! We would rather look upon an issue with reason and not emotion because reason is unbiased and just while emotion tends to neglect humans of their right to make mistakes and feeds that oh so annoying "I-syndrome"! So we parking lot our feelings for the moment when others are in need of our presence and we come back to them in private! Helping others is rather intoxicating but as an Aquarius male I can definitely admit that the living within oneself like a prison can go completely overboard but I can tell you now, insulting us by calling us "aloof" and "unemotionally" isn't really going to help your cause! But do not be fooled, we are extremely emotional, if not the most emotional people breathing! Just because you may not witness it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.<br />
<br />
We are people who simply live for the WHY of things. "Why did you do this?" "Why do you think this way?" "Why does this work this way and not that way?" The what and the how are more or less irrelevant. To us, why instills a sense of constant learning and understanding. LADIES....LADIES...LADIES....DO NOT BECOME OFFENDED OR WORRISOME when you and your spouse are shooting the breeze then he instantly goes off into a freaking daze and just seems to be stargazing into an abyss of nothing and the conversation seems to just stop while it was at it's climax lol I can assure you YOU DID NOT START TO BORE HIM NOR DID YOU LOSE HIS ATTENTION, NOR IS HE FLAT OUT IGNORING YOU, we just tend to think about A LOT simultaneously and when our mind wants to seriously concentrate on something you have to understand it's not impossible but it is really really hard to not give it that 3 minutes or so minutes of attention but rest assure majority of the time we heard and understood everything that you were saying after the fact and on most occasions can regurgitate everything you said verbatim! But I can understand how this can be a shot to the ego of a female of any zodiac (definitely those Leo's lol) and can gracefully admit it's something we need to work on! But don't poke or annoy or go out of your way to receive the attention you believe you were getting previously. Either give him his few minutes of quiet time or take a general interest in what he may be thinking about and genuinely ask what it is that he may be thinking about. Everyone knows we love the art of conversation, and if we feel like you're coming from a place of genuine interest and truly don't mind shifting gears for a moment then we'll more than gladly be willing to share and then we'll hop right back onto what we were speaking of previously if it mutually still holds relevancy.<br />
<br />
Now a lot of you seem to really be into zodiac research and I can applaud that, so if there's anything you have read upon Aquarius or have experienced from multiples then you would know that outside of certain aspects, no two Aquarius's are alike. And as well I don't want anyone to think that they have to compromise who that are to please an Aquarius male or anybody for that matter but please do realize that relationships are a two-way street and if you are willing to acknowledge the wrongdoings of another on the reason why something potentially did not work out then take it as a learning experience of yourself and being willing to take on the same acknowledgement of oneself as well. While zodiac's are, in my opinion interesting and more or less precise, do not allow it to generalize your opinion upon any individual but give insight to possible behaviors.But for those who are still willing to date an Aquarius, here is MASSIVE CHEAT SHEET if you want to tame your Aquarius spouse without them realizing that they are being confined to love simply: <br />
1.) Intrigue them and keep them guessing what you're next move is but in a good way <br />
2.) Stimulate them somehow someway...if an intellectual conversation is not your thing then just keep and open line of communication up 3.) NEVER question our intent but do ask us why we think and do the things we do<br />
4.) Stare at us....if our feelings for you are deep that will make us feel weak therefore drives us freaking wild lol<br />
5.) LASTLY, please do not be the female who loves to center the relationship on yourself or around sex.......or both (LEOS) lol. Show some form of self dignity and you will be far get what you seek lol

I just had to reply to your "leo" quote. Lol You said Leo twice in your comments calling us self centered. Well, iI do agree with the sex comment , but you also said not all Aqua's are the same in a astrology way. That goes for me too. I am an older " Leo" and i valve an equal partnership. A relationship is i give to you and take more. No! Joke. Lmao. I had too. Really a partnership to me is sharing. My claws may be in now. Lol. Yep! ;)

""""""To us it makes absolutely no sense for an emotionally unstable person to look onto another who is also emotional unstable! That's just going to potentially add to the problem! We would rather look upon an issue with reason and not emotion because reason is unbiased and just while emotion tends to neglect humans of their right to make mistakes and feeds that oh so annoying "I-syndrome"! So we parking lot our feelings for the moment when others are in need of our presence and we come back to them in private! Helping others is rather intoxicating but as an Aquarius male I can definitely admit that the living within oneself like a prison can go completely overboard but I can tell you now, insulting us by calling us "aloof" and "unemotionally" isn't really going to help your cause! But do not be fooled, we are extremely emotional, if not the most emotional people breathing! Just because you may not witness it doesn't mean it doesn't exist""""

I mostly quoted it so far because I couldn't really tell where the end of the point was and the rest seemed valid and part of the claim. But yeah. Often when trying to help others, I have to fake emotional enthusiasm so they feel comforted. And when i am being serious and giving my true opinion and offering as much guidance as I can, people have often said I talk like a fortune cookie and tell me to take thigns more seriously! I'm like, 'what?!' :(

But yeah. I do have emotions, I have a lot of them. You can see them clearly in my poetry. But on the outside of me, you see almost nothing. I cannot express my emotions in the same way others do. A genuine smile on my face has more weight to it than a genuine smile most others would show, because mine takes a lot of emotion to be able to express.

Mine gave me the same STD on three occasions in the last 2 years. He is 52.
I will never date another Aquarius man. He had no respect for his sister or his own son. Very selfish and took life and peoples feelings for a joke. The third time he got infected he and the woman treated themselves and he never told me. True to my word as I told him if you infect me with anything a third time I will charge you. That is just what I done. I was with him 5 years. First 3 good. Last two I allowed his mind games to break me down emotionally Now I hate him.
I will never talk to a man once I learn that is his birth sign. They have manners and behavior of dogs and pigs.

Oh my gosh i had to sign up for this conversation boo, u r totally right mine did the same lied to me and we have a child together. He have kids everywhere come to find out, Smh Jesus needs to flush foolish men down a toilet. That Aquarius.....sorry to say they all lie and sleep around....

There is the human, and it is pure and it is what it is until it is born, and then due to its experiences and the strength of its spirit, it will respond in various ways. All of the signs can be beautiful, or demonic. I find "sign-racism" almost everywhere. What if you dated an Indian man, and you had an awful experience with him, and because he was Indian you avoided dating all Indian men because they were Indian? That is the same reasoning you have by blocking the signs. You can't tell if someone is bad by their sign. It takes an inner light called intuition. NOT assumption.

They date u and make u fall for them big time and when you show it they just loose interest, stop trying, become distant and uninterested cause the challenge is gone they conquered u... More times than not u are prob still in love with the aqua male deep down so u agree to friendship to remain attached and he likes to be adored, chased, stalked, its their ego boost... So even tho he's not with you he still feels loved but he's free to move on to the next big exciting challenge ... Aqua males never stay for long... They can be very selfish

I married an a aquarius man. We've been married for 4 months now and when we have a disaggreement he ups and runs away for at least a couple days especially around payday. He's done this 7 times and is ok with running. He moved back home and we will get an anulment when I return from my trip. There's so much more to say and have experienced the same as comfort123. It's just amazing and I trip out on all men!

My father was an aquarius, when my mother and father would have an argument he would leave and come back 2 days later. Typical aquarius behavior, they run from their problems. I thought as a humanitarian as described in their signs are they not suppose to resolve conflicts, and consider the feelings of others?

When I have arguements with people I care for, I will do my best to get my point through and remain calm, if it elevates I will desire time to cool off and not become angry at someone I love. Usually this time is only a couple hours though, and usually less than that.
I've had arguements with ym sister in which I barely said anything and she was venting her emotions on me and even somehwat physical, lots of yelling and cussing, and after she was done and stole my spot on the computer or whatever she was bugging me about, I would do a favor for her, like make her a sandwich and such. She is an adult not a child, and even children have more intelligence than we give them credit for, so it isn't like she'll learn "oh if I treat him badly he does nice things to me". It's more like, I see you are in need of a break, here, have my sandwich.

I admit I got alittle off track and confusing. I often don't know how to spill my thoughts.

Ohh I can so relate! Why is that? Anyway, here's my story. This Aquarius friend that I've known for a long time confessed to me that he's had the biggest crush on me but we've always been in a relationship with someone. He was a little dorky before but has gotten very attractive recently so I decided to meet up with him to "catch up on old times". With that being said, we had a blast talking and flirting for awhile and then we began having sex and that too was great. But then when I asked him where we stood, he became confused and said that we are "just friends." Ouch! I was so disappointed and I feel so rejected because everything is so great with him and I would really like this to work. But he said he's just not ready for a relationship. So since I can't have all of him I'm distancing myself but I find myself thinking about him and what we had everyday. I'm craving for him to say the least. I'm at a lost.

U shouldn't be... Men tell a woman they not ready for a relationship because they don't want it with u. Truth

Lashaay. It is not true. I am an aqua and I can tell you a secret: it is all about woman reaction to it. Maybe I dont want a relantionship with you after sex but the fact I did sex with is very Important for me aqua and your reaction is the key to change my mind.

I don't know if this applies to all Aqua men, but when it comes to relationships, what is not said does not apply. If he does not tell you he is your boyfriend, he is not your boyfriend. You have to be blunt.