yes i am a young scorpio, i'm so confused atm, so there's this aquarius guy and we see eachother more than i see my boyfriend automatically we clicked i guess he likes my personality that's why among a group of females he'd try to annoy me the most right? everybody thinks we're together or we somewhat like eachother, thing is i'm in denial and everytime i sorta let him know hey i'm on to u he just idk its so weird. i've had guys come up to me and clearly stated they like me even though i have someone plus my current guy and i are sorta haywire :S and well aquarius is everything im lacking in my current bf. HELP? from what i sorta know is that he had one gf before and he seems to be really over cause he stated to me i'll never hook up with an ex again... he stayed back with me sometime to talk and one of our other friends came and well it seemed awkward though alot of my friends think hey he likes u, but i'm def in denial because we're both the same age and well guys the same age as me never really work out plus he's so discrete and to me it's just damn sexy lol! and even if we're both just crushing i'm going to see him in university still so it's horrible really horrible! i would really appreciate some advice on this guy so please, if you've been in this before and you can contribute in any possible way it would be greatly appreciated! 
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no i don't let them get in between biology and i lol that's one thing for sure. I've realized though that my bf well ex does not care about my academic life so what use is it being with a man who isn't going to support what i want to do in life?

well now that I've done some thinking, i really think it was just a crush and actually now I'm over them both my boyfriend of 20 months and i broke it off yesterday. i will see a lot more of this other guy this semester and he's asked for my assistance as well but by now i do believe i killed my feelings towards him. I'm just gonna with it from now that way we'd remain friend because he's a great guy and it's a bit too risky for both our education at this point in our lives. thank you anyway for letting me know what you thought :)

I know how you feel. When I was in college girls dragged my grades down halfway thru. Have fun but no serious relationships until your last year is my advice.

Of course we're discrete. But like all aqua men you have to be direct. We know what you mean when you hint to us, but we will not respond until you straight out and ask us. Another thing you need to know are aqua men value friendships and always are close with any of their friends. We're people persons. So go out and straight ask him if he's into you cause from what I'm hearing he thinks of you as a friend. That's one thing you have to make clear to us if you want to be with us let us know. If we want to be with you we'll come out and say it but not after we think about it for a while.