In Love With An Aquarian Man Who Wants Me To Submit, But Still Pursues Me After I Told Him I Won't. Please Help Me Understand This, It Is Opposite Of What His Sign Says He Is.

My Aquarian man acts the total opposite of what his sign says. why and is there an exception?
He says he is in love with me but dosen't ignnore me. He is possessive and wantsme to submit to him. He tries to get me to say I belong to him, but I tell him I don't because he has a woman and I don't want to do that to her. I am 34 gemini and he is 46 aquarian. When we talk about this and it he dosen't get the answer he wants from me, he says he has to get off of the phone because it's not going his way. We met a loooong time ago. Lost contact for 12 years and he found ME and started his pursuit every since then. He tell me that that nite we first spent together stayed in him mind for years and he realized that I should of been with him and so forth and so on. I am in love with him and have crossed that line with him, but won't give in to being just a piece of === even though, since i am not ready for a relationship if he was single I would give him a chance. He is very honoest to me at least, I have met some of his friends, I felt like I was a princess when he introduced me, he called me his black queen. I don't understand why when he has a girlfriend or whoever she is if she even exists, he wants me. I tell him that we cant be together because i can't fully give my heart to someone that belongs to someone else. He gets mad and doesn't want me to bring it up, but it bothers me. He sent me a text last night saying "U belong to me. U were born to serve as my queen, remember I found you shinnin bright like a diamond. He often expresses his deepest empathy and sympathy for my abusive relationships because he did not make his move then when we first met, he feels guilty. He is always straight forward with me as well as I to him. We talk about everything. He gave me the password to his laptop. No one but his kids from a previous relationship/marriage has this. He told me he likes my body but loves me. He said that he can't marry me and went into this thing about how the government uses marriages like contracts to make money, he hates this. Is this just a story to get out of committing to me the way I want? I know that his feelings are true for me through his actions and words. He can be intense, but I stand my ground he gives up calls me back and its like nothing happened. So confusing, so depending on what it was we were talking about, I will bring it back up or we move on which usually comes back up and we actually talk, hit a brick wall, he shuts down and then calls again. I am thinking that he won't stop until he hears me say I belong to him. I have tried to ignore him and everything, but this only further intriques him. I am kind and when I speak to him i speak with respect so even if we do disagree, i think it turns him on that i stand my ground. I even told him that if a guy comes along that is willing to settle down live right like I see for My life, I will not be talking to him. I think it crushed him, but he still wont leave me alone. I have read almost everything about his sign and he is the total opposite in most cases. I am confused and don't want to waste time waiting for him to be with only me. I tell him we are friends and he says i am his woman. wth? I need some insight, please be kind. Thank you. I am amazed that he has held these feelings for me for 14 years.
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sounds like he does love you. Maybe ask why he wants to remain in his marriage>
tell himyou will give him a year to decide and take steps to be free but after a year you have to move on.

Ok, if he is feeling you like he claims, then he should cut all other ties and be with just you. But, also, their good at telling females, what they think yot want to hear. Also, his love sign and moon sign will tell u y he is that way.