He Is A Fake

I've been going with this man for almost two years and he is a fake.

He hangs out with old girlfriends and spends most of his time lying and drinking. He really believes in his head that whatever he comes up with I will believe. He likes to make himself look better by putting other people down. Always first to blame and criticize. Keep in mind they like to take not give.

I am a Scorpio female and I have a pretty good instinct when it comes to bs and this guy is full of it. It's almost funny when he lies and I catch him in it. My mistake was taking him back over and over again. I lost my creditability.

Friday was the last day for us. Caught him with an old girlfriend drinking and God knows what else. Good luck with the Aquarius man if you think they are worth it.

41-45, F
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I am a scorpio and have the exact same problem with mine . I am 40 and he is almost 56. You would have thought for an older man he would be so different and mature but he was the worst boyfriend i ever had. Cheap, lies , expected me to run around always take care of him.but didnt care about me . Selfish as all hell and controlling. Sad i wasted two years of my life, worse i am.widowed and my three daughters really wanted a dad. Now all they say is they gave up on having one. I really should feel.sorry for him he lost his family.. if we ever even.really meant that much to him anyways ..i dont know

It's crazy cause my first real love was an Aquarius with a Libra moon & I'm a Scorpio with a Taurus moon. When I say he could lie so well... It's unhuman. I'm the same with you when it comes to being able to feel when something isn't the truth. He would lie in such a way where you would feel not to believe it but he'd be so charming and so smooth about it a little part of me would be so soft and just give him the benefit of the doubt. He ALWAYS was blaming everyone for his issues, always twisted situations. He had this thing where he'd do something wrong and turn it around and somehow end up with the blame on me. It was everyone in his life he acted this way to, except for his aunt who worshiped him and gave him everything he wanted and let him get away with so much illegal activity. He would talk so much smack about how dirty she was and how much of a ***** she was, then when I started finding out things he had lied about, stop being a pushover, gave it to him and threw the truth at him, he finally gave in after almost a whole year. He told me he acted a certain way to impress me. So when he threw how I always talked bad about his aunt, I threw back at him how he told me everyone I know about her and he started the whole bash talking. Then he finally said he only talked crap cause he knew I would of and he wasn't at all bothered by the things he pretended to be upset with. He was so good at feeling his way through his lies. He'd lie and if you believed it, he know. That would result in him going on and making the lie even bigger. He was absolutely charming, I will admit. But by the time the truth came to the surface, how fake he was made him the ugliest person I had ever met.

update to this ....he has been dating my sister now for four years.

My Aquarius husband is a totally liar and an *******, l hate him more and more each day. We met on line abou 15months ago. When we first met, he told me that he might have car and he needed emergencycare but do not have hehealth insurance for it....to cut the story short and stupid me for nit checking his stories, as a matter of urgency l flew over to US to see him and got engaged to him within 6months of knowing him. When l got home to the UK, l started the procedure of immigration visa for him to get over to UK asap. He gave me the paper works to do that and it was through these paperwork that l found out that what he told me and what was on the paper works does not add up, so l asked him, he made up a huge lie to try to confuse me....and told me that he was telling me the truth. How foolish l am now..but at the time l chose to believe him because l met his family and they seem okay. To forward another 2months..because it was a little complicated to get a sponsor visa for him in UK, the only thing l could speed up the process(remember he told me about the cancer) is to fly all the way to marry him in the US.. While he was waiting for the HO approval in US and l was in UK, it was around this time that l discovered that he lied to me on absolutely about his past, dates, events, basically everything. I was so mad at him that l was raging!! The ******* have the nerve to blame me for not having empathy for him and l should read a self help book! WTF!! Anyway, the things he lies about is too much to list here and not enough to write about

I'm not a scorpio but a virgo with a moon in scorpio. For some reason I have always been able to detect the BS that aquarius men seem to project. This is why none of them have been able to get even a date with me. All of them are pathological liars. Not worth any woman's time trust me. From my observations, they are pretty yucky people.

Aquarius male and female are some of the fakest people out there. I'm a Scorpio and I attract Aquarius for some reason. They are ****** weird, retarded, self centered sociopath ********. Very fake and two-faced. They like gossip and drama and wearing fake facades. Some of my closest friends were Aquarius and all but one has never hurt me and remained a very true good friend. ....the rest just pretend to like you so they can learn **** to talk about you because most of them are miserable *****. My ex was a Aquarius. Biggest ***** and fake *** coward of a man I've ever known.

I am a scorpio as well and just left my aquarius man. He wont stop calling me crying but he lied and said he had a kid with someone when he didn't and said my dog got hit by a car when he didn't. He's an abuser, liar, and everything in between. I never will forgive him.

Omg. ...I swear I thought I was the only one that heard someone lie about having a child. My ex a Aquarius and I were together for seventeen year's all he ever did is lie , cheat and manipulate. He lied and said he had a child when we first met. He cheated the whole seventeen year's even with two of my cousin's. I asked him why and he said" because he just wanted to " he is a ****** sociopath incapable of anything real......but he sure would beat on me outta jealous rages. He is a ****** retard. ...by the way I'm Scorpio and we have four kid's together.

I have dated an aquarius male and they are insecure and they do lie. My ex is an aquarian. When we first met all he talked about was the women he slept with and then get mad at me if I got jealous. I am a libra which means I am an air sign as well. I like my space and I usually don't get jealous. But I thought it was disrespectful when he talked about his girlfriends. He was always playing mind games. I found that he did this because he is insecure. And they are aloof, but they do go off in another world to think. And this aquarius got really jealous of me. I didn't try to make him jealous. I hear their not jealous and their passive. He was passive with everyone but me. He would just get real mad and start complaining about a guy I talked to at a flea market. I was laughing. I thought is he kidding? And he would make front of a lot of other people. And it was all about him. He never met my parents or son and I live about an hour or so from him. I had to drive there all the time. It was all a out his family. And every time we went out to eat we had to take his son and his girlfriend every time. I find that strange. He let his ex- girlfriend move in because her mom threw her out because she stole from her because of her drug habit. He told me I could come too visit him then changed it because she was there. He kept telling me not a good time to come there. I said, what changed that and he told me she was there. I told him don't call text or message me on the dating site. Later that day he is messaging me telling me he doesn't want to lose me. And would it help if he told me he loved me. So I take him back. And he told me he wasn't sleeping with her. He only told me that because he new i made arrangements to go out and sing. He didn't want me sleeping with someone. Not saying too much about what he thinks about me. I guess he thought i would do that to get back at him. Might be something he would do but not me. And let me tell you he has been real nasty an mean in the break up. But when I went to see him the next weekend he told me he slept with her twice. So they do lie. Came straight from the horses mouth. It is do as I say not as I do with these men. Their not worth it. He also can't let go of the apron strings. His son lives at his house with his girlfriend and she controls him. Which is not something an aquarius likes to do. He does this because he doesn't want his son moving out. He is 25 and still pays his cell and car insurance on both of his cars. He does the same for the other son which is 22. And he also pays the girlfriends insurance. I told him when you get some balls call me. I don't like weak men and this sign is weak. Good luck!

some men are like that no matter what their sign is. I think people are attracted to the love they "think" they deserve. I think you deserve better than that!

Aquarius Men are the absolute worst....liars, cheaters, substance abusers, bullies, totally delusional, and did I mention liars....and LAZY to boot....cowards...total CREEPS!!!!!!!

I agree with you because my aquarius ex was a user, he loves money and used me for money. I believe if we got back together he would leave me for a woman with money or a high paid business woman. I think that is the reason he has not fully committ himself to me because he is looking for the next best thing. For instance i believe the girl he cheated on me with attended UPenn and got her masters degree frim Standford U. That's the woman he would gladly take home to mother (mind you I never met his mother since our 8.5 yr relationship, part of it also we were LDR but the girl did not live in the same state as him either but he probably would take her home) i agree that they like putting people done. I an currently pursuing a second bachelors abd he is trying to get a position in a high paying job in another state. Therefore he says to me, "i hope you end up in the same place i'm at one day". I assumed he wanted me to end up in the same state as him. So off course he clarified the comment abd said i hope you have a high job position one day. SMH! I felt horrible because i'm in school trying to get a better career and this is what he tells me, mind you he did not even get the position yet and when he had nothing i was his financial and moral support.

def no pisces or cancers i' ve had my share of those and they pretty much are the same at times, truth is all men lie, some more than others. forget about him he's an idiot def not worth your time...

Let him go...Aquarius men are not a Scorpians cup of tea. Go for a Pisces or Cancer...

Aquarius and Scorpios usually don't go together, do they?

Hello, I am a cancer and dated 2 aquamen who both were awful. They never really cut ties with exes (one of them was sending her money). She was in another country. However, both of their exes were scorpios. I wonder why they never cut ties with them or if they still love them.

Scorpios really like a lot of attention, or so I am told. Aquarius guys are far too aloof for Scorpio women, generally speaking.

it may be a generalisation, but it tallies with my experience x

"I have a pretty good instinct when it comes to bs"??? Yet you choose to believe that astrological signs dictate how a person is going to act? Maybe you should pay more attention to who people actually are and not so much to an arbitrary label stuck on them by hucksters. <br />
BTW, have you ever wondered just what influence the more recently discovered planets would have on the astrological system (Not that there's just one, or that any of them agree...)? Neptune, Uranus, Pluto (recently downgraded), and Eris (recently found) are not taken into account. Not that it matters anyway. With the number of people being born each day, it should be a simple matter to find two people who were born at the same time in the same hospital. If astrology has any basis, these people should be as similar psychologically as twins are physically. Or for an easier comparison, check out the list of celebrities born on any given day. If signs have anything to do with who a person turns out to be, there should be quite a correlation. I'll anxiously await your findings.

I, too, am a Scorpio. It is interesting that as I've grown through relationships, my Aquarian men have been my most challenging. To start, my Dad was an Aquarian. He was a calm and peace loving man. Wasn't a liar or cheat, but I always felt he put up a public front for everyone: the 'showface'.<br />
Then, a short lived abusive relationship with another Aquarian. And to top it off, my second husband was an aquarian. Such egos. They seem to think women will just fall at their feet and kiss the ground they walk on.<br />
And it is all a joke because these were the most insecure babies I've ever known. They will never hit their second childhoods 'cause they're never leaving their first! <br />
<br />
For some strange reason, I relate! I can sincerely understand. Let him go.

One on one with an Aquarius is usually frustrating for a lot of women. But, that might be said for a lot of zodiac signs as well. ha. "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus™." Men say that women don't understand and women say that men don't understand. The truth is, they are both right to some extent or degree or another. Most guys don't act like the soap opera guy that is so overly dramatic and most women don't act or dress like Victoria's secret models. Most Aquarius's heads are perceived to be lost in the clouds. Most are perceived as being aloof. Most people would be right in that assessment. I get it all the time.