He Is A Fake

I've been going with this man for almost two years and he is a fake.

He hangs out with old girlfriends and spends most of his time lying and drinking. He really believes in his head that whatever he comes up with I will believe. He likes to make himself look better by putting other people down. Always first to blame and criticize. Keep in mind they like to take not give.

I am a Scorpio female and I have a pretty good instinct when it comes to bs and this guy is full of it. It's almost funny when he lies and I catch him in it. My mistake was taking him back over and over again. I lost my creditability.

Friday was the last day for us. Caught him with an old girlfriend drinking and God knows what else. Good luck with the Aquarius man if you think they are worth it.

41-45, F
5 Responses Oct 18, 2009

This aquarian person I "was" with back in 2009 had stalked my estranged sister for weeks on end once our relationship was over. He told her all about the death of our father and the insurance I received etc...all of this because I ended the relationship with him. They have been together for three years. Misery loves company apparently. She's a sag and him an aquarian she's an addict and his a drunk. Perfect match!

Aquarian males are duplicitous to say the least.

A common mis-perception by scorps. Just because we don't tell you everything and we are friends with everyone and hang out with everyone does not mean we are liar and cheaters. I notice how quick a lot of scorps jump to the wrong conclusion. Scorps who are known for their jealousy and possessiveness of their men. Read some of my responses to other scorpio's cause I don't want to go into detail yet again, but every scorp who has read it gets that "Ah-Ha" moment.

I guess.. you shoudnt have given him a second chance. Not all men are that way, so are aquarians. You may think that its a common trait in all aqua men, but I dont think so. I wish you all the best to find a new guy - next time.. think before taking em back.

May be the guy you dumped is simply dishonest, no?