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     I just finished reading a book entitled unChristian by some people from the Barna Research Group. The book's purpose is to create awareness of the non-Christ-like stereotypes that Christians are known by. One of the chapters states that Christians are perceived to be anti-homosexuals.

     One of my cousins recently came out of the closet. Being a Christian, I cannot deny that the Bible is against homosexual acts. However, it is most certainly not against the people who have homosexual inclinations. Jesus loved those people who were pushed to the fringes of society. If He were bodily around now, I have a feeling that He would seek out those people who are ostracized by Christians.

     My dad did not react the way I believe Jesus would have. He got angry at his sister and ex-brother-in-law and couldn't stop blaming people for what had happened to his nephew. Thankfully my cousin will never hear the hurtful things my dad had to say about him and the situation.

     I keep in contact with my cousin over IM. I am so thankful that he has found a support group that provides a safe place for people to be themselves. I wish that churches and Christians would quit being judgmental for long enough to understand that people are more than a stereotype. I wish they'd understand that the world is a messy place and there are no easy cut-and-dried answers.

     Have others experienced something like this?

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1 Response Mar 25, 2009

I am a christian and I think what you have said is very well. There is a book entitiled "Prayers for Bobby" by Leroy Aarons. It is the true story of a mother coming to terms with the suicide of her gay son. I think if your father were to read it, it would give him another view of things. Maybe he hasn't learned to separate a person from their actions, and learned to love the person. Good luck to you and God Bless You.