I Understand Why Ep Was Created

The purpose of EP was really supposed to be used as a tool for people helping each other.

What I'm really surprised to find out is that most people don't really want any help at all. Which is fine. If this is just a tool for them to vent, that's cool.

It's amazing though, that this tool is being used to play with people's minds, or even to destroy people.

What I have found is that alot of people are looking for ways to control people and get enough information about them to hurt them. And EP is one of them.

EP is great. I like it. But what I see it being used for is SO sad. It's like handing a guy a Bible so that he can play word games with it.

I wonder just how many people got hurt on EP?
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4 Responses Jul 26, 2010

Glad to hear it. People with only discouraging things to say shouldn't be given the opportunity to have. people looking for something positve read it!

I agree with Evania, it is sometimes helpfull fo have someone tell you something you didn't want to hear, but i don't think it is ok to just be mean to someone or make fun of whatever pain they have. I think there is a better way to let someone know that you disagree, it isn't saying anything to just tell someone they are a stupid, silly , jerk. If you can't constructively critisize someone than why bother. People are self serving and selfish sometimes and when I can I delete the comments that only make me feel bad about my problem without anything else to offer.

I haven't been hurt by EP. I have been enriched in ways I can not even fully discern, by my interactions here. It has given me a silvered mirror in which I've taken a better look at myself. Seeing ourselves can hurt, but that's not EP's fault. It is the process of Life by which we may (or not, as we may decide) grow and be more pure; namely, truer versions of our selves. Okay, so this sounds obscure, I'm sorry. I LOVE EP, and I know you do too. It's sad that there are people who are in a place in their journey where they feel the need to belittle, use, mistreat, abuse others. May they prosper into a place where they abandon cruelty, hatred, anger, and find some balance in their lives. Until then, we can continue our Journey for Peace, smiling all along the Way, even if it's as tears may stream down our faces at times. Have you seen that? Someone who smiles through their tears? An incredibly gorgeous picture. I've seen it in kids and adults. It's spiritual in nature and conveys what words could never. I think I'm going on like this because it's your post my dear Thoughtsareapenny, and I feel a bit "at home". :-).

One thing I have learned from being an EP member is that there are a lot of vulnerable, insecure, lonely, sad, even angry people out there. Whenever I comment on a story, I try to say something kind or encouraging. Sometimes I can see that a person really needs encouragement; also,I try to treat others the way I want to be treated. Yes, there are some sick people out there who get satisfaction from hurting others; for this reason, you need to be careful about what you post. However, as some other people pointed out, EP does not have a monopoly on this. Bullies and jerks are everywhere, unfortunately. I enjoyed reading your thoughtful, well-written post, and I hope you won't let the mean-spirited, immature behavior of a few people discourage you from sharing again. Take care!