I, Me, Mine

I feel like society has collectively lost its mind! Everyone seems to be all about themselves, what they can get, what's best for them, what will best serve their needs and to heck with everyone and everything else.

People seem to be so unfeeling, suspicious, greedy and unwilling to help anyone outside of their circle of friends.

I've encountered people who believe anyone who doesn't think and believe exactly as they do shouldn't be able to do or have what they do. I've had people tell me that people with mental illness, physical disabilities, the aged, anyone who requires the assistance of social services, should fend for themselves, because if they aren't contributing members of society, they don't have a right to 'their money', to government assistance.

People seem to be moving away from family values, moving away from a sense of 'community'.
The changes I've noticed personally, in the community in which I live, is frightening. It's frightening to me because my son is disabled and I worry what kind of world he's going to have to live in once I'm not here any longer to care and look out for him.

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So there it is. None of it mattered except the last sentence. Maybe if you thought of it as you being selfish keeping someone alive that can't function, it would be different. It shows your own true selfishness in putting the burden on the rest of society.

I know this was a bit ago but I'd like to expound my thoughts on this, if you don't mind. The problem is that when people realize this, they aren't brave enough to live as they should. Society is wired in such a way that when people see the flaws in it they are on their own. The only solution is for like-minded individuals to reach out and support one another. I think there's a lot more people that get it than one would know but it's hard for people to stand up and break away from it when they feel they are alone.

JerryWest,<br />
Thanks for the affirmation and I love your picture too. Mine is of my Siberian Husky Kodiak. He's an incredible companion.

I agree wholeheartedly. By the way rollingwithhusky I love your pic.

thanks jovm3. I didn't know how to respond to the comments myself. I honestly think we tolerate and disregard far too much ugliness in the world. I try to lead by example (that's not exactly the right wording, but I think you get the idea).

Yeah, I can completely relate to the feeling. It's amazing at the amount of skepticism and mistrust. Beyond the frustration though, I am starting to find people who are still giving and have a strong sense of everyone in the world as a part of the community. So, I suspect as i open up my heart more to those who are willing to trust and even those who are not, i'll uncover more and more gems. Don't lose faith only the fear. The more you understand and have compassion for the mistrust and selfishnessness, you're able to address it within yourself and others.

I am so sorry you feel that way. I don't know where you live, but up here in Vermont we have the best communities. Everyone cares, everyone helps. Maybe it's the environment.