Frustrated About the World

I am very frustrated about the way the world is run.  My world is a very easy place to live, with easy rules to live by.  I am a person with Asperger's and still feel shut out, even by these people.  I'm a compleat misfit amongst all outsiders.  I dislike Governments and politicians, and feel they are compleatly useless when it comes to The new Autism Bill.  This didn't go through The House Of Commons.  That's a bum man!!  So where does this leave Autistic people now?  We don't seem to have much of a future at the moment.

Sorrowmoon Sorrowmoon
2 Responses Mar 23, 2009

I quite agree with your views! You are the sort of person I could maybe have a long conversation with. I could see myself talking to you in person, over a bottle of red wine. Thanks for your views, except the spelling!

im sorry nrcsguy but i have t strngly disagree with you. maybey he is trying for change it dosent mean anyone will listen to him why dont you try having a cause that needs desperate help and see how far you get then right back and let us know, mary agian you are very very right so sorrow moon the wolrd is frustrating i feel you man i really do all we can do is try to better our spirits and souls because the rest of the world just dosent want to open there eyes and see truth good luck to you i send you my support and love, dont let people put you or your beliefs down