With My Girlfriend And My Friends.

I don't get her sometimes. I know that I'm never going to understand her completely. Which is alright. I don't expect her to fully get me either. I just am frustrated with it all. She gets upset then blocks the world out. She says something upsetting then gets upset if I call her out on it.. It just doesn't make sense. It's hard because I know I love her so much.. and just don't know how to respond. Now I'm sitting worrying about her. Which really sort of sucks.

Then my best friend is being an immature idiot. He expects everyone else to tell him to keep it in his pants. But he's 19! He should know how to control himself. Sure if he seems out of line someone can tell him, but he shouldn't depend on those around him to keep him from making every dirty comment in his mind. Whether he's had some messed up relationships or not that he's hurt over.. He doesn't need to act like a boy just hitting puberty. I just don't know. Again I don't get it..
Rhino1619 Rhino1619
18-21, M
Jul 14, 2010