Damn Them

I am frustrated with how i seem to be the flawed member of my saintly family. I am sick and tired of being treated like the diseased limb. I wish that the Grim would come knocking on my door, because i will welcome him with open arms.
shezzypants shezzypants
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 16, 2010

My share, my family never knew or knows about a lot of things I have done and pursued. I am not proud of a lot things I have done. I know I am not the worst human ever, I am a good human being. I can say that the things I have done I did because I was in a particular situation that at point seamed right or I wanted to have in my life. I follow my gut, I am not crazy, I do what I like and I feel good at. I work hard for my family, I am proud of my family, but I dont let them get into my life. I respect their lifes the same way I want them to respect mine and my decisions. If somebody has to say something to me, they can say it, but that doesnt mean I will do it, or follow it. You are an adult now, you should be allowed to make your decisions (good or bad) and learn from them. Advise is always welcome, but that's it. Cheers!