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A Little Bit Of Everything

Im pretty sure i always have bad luck with life and never know who I am ever since junior high. I always felt like i didnt belong anywhere at the school I went to. I went through depression, anxiety, and panic attacks for about four years. I had a job that Im pretty sure brought my confidence and self esteem down. I left my job and thought that I was able to find another one because I was so depressed at my job the people were horrible there and I was there for so long it was time for me to go. I also was in a abusive relationship for a year and felt like I missed out on my life a big portion of my life. So this left me to go on more medication. OK so then I was like ok life is going to get better. But I went back down hill when i found out that I am not getting any jobs. Not even ones that i really want. None. And so i dont have money and I cant go out with my friends so i basically sit in bed all day at the computer and look up jobs. I got off my medication because i felt like it was controlling me which it was. IDK I feel like everyday I struggle either with constant thoughts, stress, or depression. i feel like im still finding myself and it just sucks. I feel like I am not enjoying my life. I know that there are way worse things out there but yeah it just really sucks sometimes you know!? Can anyone relate to this?
Happinessatlast Happinessatlast 18-21, F Jun 3, 2011

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