My head is gonna explode at any time...

So many emotions! Everything just p'isses me off, everyone is so annoying, or at least in my head they are. I just wanna scream and cry, but I can't. I have a hard time crying and screaming. I just can't make myself.

I don't wanna feel for a while. I want to dig a hole and live there.

I feel like noone gives me the attention I need, I'm not an attention- b'itch, but I just don't feel like people appreciate me and notice me and that just makes me sad and angry and emotional, and I don't know why.

Ohh of course, now I'm f'cking crying! For the first f'cking time in as long as I can remember. F'ck this ****. F'ck life. You know what? I don't believe there's a place somewhere called heII. THIS is heII. Life is heII. This earth is heII.

and I can't wait to go to heaven...
moretotheeyes moretotheeyes
18-21, F
Dec 1, 2012