Very Frustrated Today

At a loss for expressing myself the right way. A person i use to click with i struggle to chat to these days. I dont have the patience or the temperament to deal with people, not this weekend. My lack of self fulfillment is probably effecting my composure. Im annoyed by the typos i do, the red lines under the words to remind me that i messed it up.. i DONT CARE if theres a mispelling, tonight i dont give a shi* about anything. My dads sleeping downstairs even his bedrooms upstairs. I find that irritating. We are in the living room and hes just passed out here, for ***** sake. I want some privacy so i can escape in my little world of playing games or other stuff, but cant do it because of him.

But is it his fault? no. ITs mine. Its our responsibility for living the lives we live. Some of us have it bad because it wasnt their fault, but for majority, we can only blame ourselves. Going counselling tomorrow, i'm looking forward to it. I need someone to talk to about this shi*. It will be my first time so it should be interesting.

I cant vent much tonight. I dont even have the energy for that. I'm done.
BronzeEspada BronzeEspada
26-30, M
Apr 7, 2013