Deeply Frustrated With My Life

Ok, here it is.....

I was induced into getting a degree as a way of getting that great job.....I studied a very specialised technology.  I managed to get work at a record company in London.  I am credited as assistant engineer on many albums (nothing big at all).  But realised after over a year it was not for me, I was deeply depressed as I was isolated and lonely and had no friends - the pay was less than breadline.  I quit and with the little money I saved I went on a year trek to Australia and had a great time, I was more confident and happier.....then I had to return to the UK......I was unemployed for ages - so I taught myself web design and managed to get work at a University as a web editor.  I have really struggled for over 5 years now and been in and out of jobs.  The last one was a temp web editor/ course coordinator job in London and I was then unemployed for 7 months and ended up living in a field in a caravan, deeply depressed again.....

I worked so hard on CV's, letters, interview coaching, you name it I tried it and eventually got an admin job, which is a project coordinator job now, but very low paid and highly stressful.

I am at the stage where I am sick of this job after 8 months and looking at computer screens all day, is there a solution???

Can I re-train at the ripe old age of 31 into a more fulfilling life and career doing something else - creative and interesting?

Does anyone have any ideas that might help me please?

I am also single and  view life with quite a lot of disparity, wondering what the reason is if I can't share my life with someone else?

I guess I was always thinking that I should achieve much more, and now its getting too late in the day - I find myself very frustrated, I get very angry driving and feel like I should take-up boxing....this is the opposite to the innocent person I used to be - now I find myself hating much more and quite upset and saddened by where I am in life and what to do about it?


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1 Response Feb 19, 2009

yeah I think I see what your saying, I need to remember that there are good things going on and it will still take time...thanks for the comment on here - I guess there is so much competition these days and pressure for people to be this and that - well I will try and get motivated and see where I get to this year.