Even the Happiest of Us Need to Rant Sometimes

My boyfriend never says he loves me.

He usually doesn't get me any cards/gifts, even on special occasions.

He sometimes gives details that diminish the nice things he says.

He lives thousands of miles away.

1. he wants to be married someday in the ideal future and b. he never wants to marry me.

My family and especially my grandma is so overprotective, these days she's talking to my professor at the university to solve mydamnproblem.

I wish they could understand that I don't want the first time I solve my own serious issues to be when they're all dead and I have no one there in case I fail.

I wish my family and boyfriend believed in me more.

I've worked almost everyfuckingday of my life on improving my singing and all I needed was a little encouragent but nobody is willing to do that for me.

I need a person whom I'll probably never meet again to listen to me and say he forgives me.

I know he probably either hates me still or has forgotten me altogether.

There's this fellow student at my university who used to be my classmate in eighth grade (when he was there) and she constantly reminds me of him and she's also doing better schoolwork than I am.

I can't forgive myself.

The only person I feel ok telling how I feel about 95% or more of things is my boyfriend and if he ever leaves I may be emptier yet than before, because back then I only knew I had a huge void in my life but now I know exactly what I should have in that void and how hard and long it takes to build such a strong relationship.

Sometimes I feel unloved.

I can't have a nice experience on the forums of my favorite site, because there are some smartass regulars who think they're better than everyone else and I can't stand their righteousness and how they say hurtful things to innocent kids, so I often end up arguing.

I feel awkward hugging my family and hugs from strangers don't mean much at all.

I wish my boyfriend would sometimes treat me like I'm really special and like he's really lucky to have me.

I don't have the money and the SAT scores to go to the University of Washington to be with the one I love.

I dontfuckinwant to go to the University of Washington or live in another country, but he won't come here for me.

It's great that I've never had someone close die, but I'm scared shitless of when it inevitably happens; I don't know how I will deal with it.

All the psychologists I actually started reaching out to gave up on me or didn't care.

I was making a new friend I was really starting to love and trust, after a long while, but she's too busy with 24/7 school to notice or care, so I guess she wasn't worth it.

I seem to have lost the will power to lose weight and that makes me feel bad.

I'm good at some things, but I'm never really first in anything.


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1 Response Feb 20, 2009

Me either. But I'm one of those pompous ********, so you shouldn't listen to me too much.