I am so frustrated that I am the person who does everything she can for family and friends, but I'm last on everyone's list. I know I should expect anything back, but someone giving me the time and appreciation I give would be nice. Ugh I'm just venting.
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That's okay. There's actually a term for this - it's called compassion fatigue and even the most saintly of people get it. You get tired of caring for others all the time. It doesn't make you a bad person just normal. Take a day and spend some of that energy on caring for YOU. Pamper yourself - say I'm going to watch a movie, have a long bath and eat the stuff I like best. You'll feel better afterwards and then you'll be able to give the attention back to the others :)

Yeah but it's starting to feel like I'm being used

Most probably because you are... :0 I think you are getting to the point where you are going to learn the power of the word NO. It's a very hard thing to learn but once you know it you will be better off. You are entitled to say "no" to anything that makes you uncomfortable, costs you too much emotionally or financially or just because you've had enough. Don't justify it. Don't make excuses. Just say: "sorry can't do it today or whenever." Either the schmoozers make another plan or they didn't really need whatever it is that they were expecting you to do. It sounds cruel but what good are you anyway if you are burnt out?