...when am I not frustrated?
Its probably wrong for me to say, but its annoying. I spend my sisters money. I asked. She could have said no. I know she had a problem with me spending her money. She works hard and earned it. Yeah I know. She said "I don't care". But when my brother walks in, she says "yeah, I bought all the stuff with my money. My money". My brother even said "you know you should get a job because she's tired of spending money on you". Mmmmmm I thought she didn't care.
I understand that she spends money on me that she earned. I understand I sound like a brat. But when I did work I let her spend my money. I didn't care. It made her happy. I don't mind spending my money to make people happy. Then she says I buy everything for our projects, I helped. So I guess I am the one doing all the sewing all the planning and prep work as well as deciding on what "we" could do. I guess that doesn't count as much compared to how much her money disappeared. She works in customer service, so I understand how stressful that can be. She first work on just scanning papers in a office first for 2 years. Not interacting with people at all. Earning 10.50 an hour and the job was basically given to her. No interview. Only works 2 days out of the week. It use to be 1. 8 hours straight.
I ask. I always ask. Always! Just say no....
I get so upset because I did a lot of **** for her. A lot. Even the small things like up load images from a camera to a computer. Because she said she didn't know how. All the **** I ask has always been for something we can both enjoy or its for projects we do. Sometimes things to help improve skills I'm learning. Or school supplies. Last time I asked, I really meant where is our parents card so I can purchase my school supplies. But she paid for it instead. Then complained.
Irrigating....but fine. I'll just go with I'm the selfish brat child. Like I've always been labeled. Yay...
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Aug 20, 2014