I am extremely frustrated. After I post this story, I can provide a more detailed back story if this gets feedback at all..
Anyway, I've been kind of friends with this person for four years, and at the beginning, we were extremely good friends. After a year, he liked me, however he had a girlfriend. So, we drifted apart a little, I met Kade, and I went downhill and talked to this guy even less. The next year, he would text me sometimes and we'd talk, he tried getting me to break up with Kade but I couldn't even though I desperately wanted to. He and I talked on the phone a few times and he consoled me like he always did before I met Kade. After a bit into freshman year, nothing. Not a word from him. Sophomore year was the same, other than a few texts we shot back and forth in about April of this year. Now it's my junior year, and well, still not really any talking. When I got back from my vacation, my mom brought my brother and I to a restaurant, and I saw him there. He was outside and he waved frantically at me and smiled. The next day I was walking around with my dog when I saw him again driving by, and he honked at me yelling my name. Then a few minutes later he drove by me again, honked, waved, and yelled. A couple days ago, he drove by me and he smiled at me. However, now that school has started, he doesn't say a word to me. He's explained before that he doesn't often respond to texts because he's busy, which is fine. I just wish that he'd tell me what's going on because I'm sure he knows that I have feelings for him. I have since we started talking when I was in 7th grade. It sucks, I missed my chance. He's a really good guy, at least I think so, we always had so much in common. But the main thing that has me frustrated is that his ex girlfriend, the one that he would always tell me was so bad and he couldn't stand her, well, she's constantly flirting with him. And it sucks because I never tried to hurt him and she hurt him a ton yet he still falls for her ****. I just don't want to see him get hurt by her, because she hurts every guy she ever starts talking to. It's his life, I know, it just sucks to see it.
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Forget the past and move on

It isn't that I need to forget, I just don't want to see him get hurt.

I like the spirit. I am sure you are good hearted person. May you get what you want.

Sorry sweetie - but I think there is no help for it. You are either going to have to confront this guy and ask him straight up or you are going to have make a clean break and not speak to him again for a long while. Either way I guess your feelings are going to get hurt. You'll have to decide which way would be easier for YOU. And stay away from Kade - he sounds like an a$$hole!

I don't often speak to him anymore anyway.. And Kade, yeah hah, he's a douchecanoe. I don't talk to him anymore.

Then be mean to the guy who's playing with your heart and tell him to stop d*cking you around. In your heart you know you deserve better which is why you are frustrated. It is in your own best interests to go with someone who appreciates you and doesn't blow hot and cold whenever his ex (or some other girlie) isn't around. I don't mean to be cruel since I don't know the guy but I do know the type and you will always be second best to those kinds of fellas. You want someone who likes you first and not as some replacement. And better HE gets hurt rather than you... :( Sorry...