Very frustrated.

Something has been bugging me since last night and I decided to tell someone about it, just minutes ago (or about an hour, depending on how long I take to finish writing this). He decided to interrupt me and said "wait, have I told you about the thing" to which I replied "no." What he was trying to tell me about was a screenshot of a funny thread on some forums site, and he kept on trying to send me the photo using different image hosting sites and by directly uploading it on our conversation, but the resolution would always make it unreadable or too large to open. It took us so long and I just ended up being frustrated about the photo failure thing and the fact that I wanted to tell him the thing that's been ruining my mood but he wouldn't listen until we get the other thing over with. I told him that I'm going to go find someone else to share my thoughts with before they "expire" and didn't bother opening his reply. I was lying because I know I don't have somebody else that I'd be sharing this kind of sentiments with.

And now my story is left untold.
metaphornographic metaphornographic
18-21, F
Aug 22, 2014