Life's Little Quirks

1. Trailblazers have so many injured players. I believe that you allow your body to be injured. They need to change their thinking. By the way, glad they got rid of Blake.

2. Hotmail is down. Enjoy using the instant message there to talk with my daughter. She has a webcam and I am thinking about getting one.

3. Relatives are having money problems, I wish I could help them financially. I know we bring on our own experiences to learn lessons in life but sometimes it is painful to see what people have to go through.

4. My willpower leaves a lot to be desired. My intentions come out of my mouth but my brain doesn't process the information apparently.

Oregon2009 Oregon2009
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1 Response Feb 16, 2010

Hi and thanks for adding me to your friends. I can relate to relatives who need $$$$ help. I've been there too and found it's best to support them by encouragement that they can do it themselves rather than dishing out the cash.