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Hi, there.  I'm a transguy living in rural Ohio.  I've lived here my whole life, so I decided to transition here, too.  Some people thinks that that's nuts, but it's actually worked out rather well.  Even though I live in a conservative area, I've found that most people either don't care or are kind & supportive.  Now that I've been on T for more than a year, people are shocked when I tell them I used to be a girl.  I don't even bind out in public anymore, but my beard & voice outweigh the presence of my big saggy breasts that are now covered in hair.  I used to want surgery desperately, but since I was able to change my name & gender marker without it & I pass easily, I no longer desire surgery.  The only bad thing about that is that now I pretty much have to wear baggy button down shirts all the time now.  Tee shirts are too revealing.  I would love to be able to take my shirt off in the summer time, but oh well.

I used to think that I would be done transitioning when I'd had a mastectomy, but I don't feel that way anymore.  I'm living full time as a guy, so I feel like I've already transitioned.  Some would disagree, but oh well. I am what I am.  Deal with it.  I've actually come to love my transbody just as it is.   Let me say thati it's a wonderful place to be. 

I've gotten much closer to family, friends, & God since I found my true self.  I even found a church (Quaker) that not only accepted me just as I am, but helped me find my true self & transition.  I've written a  great deal of poetry about my whole transition.  I guess it's time to start looking for a publisher.  I would recommend poetry & journaling for anyone going through an important transformation like this one.

I would like to tell anyone who's struggling with this that it gets better.  I came close to suicide myself.  I'm glad I didn't go there.  Please, talk to someone or write & write & write some more.  Write anything & everything. 

I'm here.  I'm willing to help anyone who's struggling with this.
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im 14 and i can understand that i too am trans male and i need help trying to talk to someone who under stands what im going through plus im afraid to tell friends and its hard i just want to be the real me.

I can't claim to understand what it's like to be 14 & trans, but I'm here if you want to ask questions or for support otherwise.

well i just coming back with my emotions and feelinge from FtM gender. I had surpressed them for as longas I am able to remember. Doing therapy for over a year now has brougt this all up in the open. Wished I was single it would be easier. But I have a loving supporting spouse. She is great!

I wish you well on your journey. I'm glad that you have a supportive spouse. Let me know if I can help in any way.

Well, as a man you will earn better wages. That is a definite plus. I am Kleinfelter's, 47 chromosomes instead of 46, XXY instead of XX or XY. My choice would be to have been raised and live as a woman. You and I share one disadvantage. Neither of us with actual organic and functional penises. But then there is far more to life than that feature. <br />
<br />
Not often one hears of F2M, except Chas Bono. Our society is pig headed thinking there are only two sexes. It is great that you have found acceptance and friends to stand by you. I would not call it transition though. You are whom you are. In your case, you have always been a boy. Just a hormonal imbalance that needed medical intervention.

Actually, I don't earn better wages since I still have the same job I did before. People are hearing more &amp; more about F2M, and not all of it is because of Chaz Bono. I agree, I just had a hormonal imbalance that needed medical intervention, and since that's happened, life is so much better.

My mother as well as a half sister had breast reduction via some medication. I don't know what it was, but it decreased their sizes considerably without surgery. You might inquire about that as it would certainly be cheaper than surgery.

Hey! go for a pay raise. Tell the boss you have expenses. Might read Guerilla Tactics in the Job market. It explains less conventional tactics at getting better jobs and positions. I have quite a few women friends in Russia. There, women have nearly equal incomes and positions excluding politics and military. One friend of mine is Chief Engineer for a TV station in Saint Petersburg. and she got the position at age 27.

Fact is that women in the US can get jobs easier than men as proved by unemployment statistics. But they are highly under represented in management with less than 5% of those positions.

Transsexuals and others such as myself are still not understood or accepted due to largely Christian Doctrine with a belief there are only two sexes. Medical evidence proves otherwise. I would bet that if you were given an active series of MRI's, it would demonstrate that your brain is that of a man firing synapse in linear one side of the brain. That of a woman fires trans hemispherically allowing multi tasking. (as mine does). imilarily, there are physicalogical causes with things like gays and lesbians. While that may sometimes be a lifestyle choice, it rarely is.

Just an afterthought: Many male body builders use hormones ,female to develop breasts, but the lifting of weights converts the tissue to muscle. That may be another consideration for you. 3 days a week lifting weights for an hour may do it. I suggest bench presses. Don't do standing lifts with heavy weights as it will immediately or eventually result in back problems. Male or female or any other combination, a physically fit body is always far more attractive. I dedicate 3 hours daily to exercise. My blood pressure is 102/52 and resting pulse 46. I run a mile daily in under 5 minutes which is quite fast for a woman just 5'4" in height at age 44.
I never had to use hormones. But I had to use an anti androgen to knock out the competition from testosterone generated by my pitituary and adreneal glands. Thankfully, I never had testicles. Internally, I have fully functioning female organs that provided estrogen..

I've never heard of any medications that reduce breast size. I would be curious to see what a brain scan would look like. I don't know if my brain would look more male than female. I know that my brain feels much better since I've been on testosterone. I can still multitask, though. I must say that the longer I'm on testosterone, the less I understand women in general, so maybe there is something to that. I have a physical job because I'll admit that I'm too lazy to exercise except for the occassional hike.

you sound like you are in a very healthy place..what a journey and good for you...be blessed and revel in who you are

thanks for sharing your story, i am inspired.

I am male and all my life I liked wearing womens cloths esspecially nbra panties and hose wish I could have better boobs and a vulva plus my elephant every time I went out with a bra on seems people could see through my cloths so I turned inward and do this only on my own inside my house and room KUDOS to you for comeing out like that

Thanks for sharing..awesome