hi I'm back. So when I first started on here I was confused and worried, today I'm still confused but it's gotten worse. When I talked about it with my girlfriend she said I was obsessed with it. Now that I've stopped talking about she smiles and said it was a pheasant now she brushes it off.

I stopped talking about it because she said I was obsessed. She also says I'm a follower. I still think about it daily and I'm still confused. I do not like being a girl I love when people say he and when my girl calls me handsome. I'm afraid to take the next steps. I want to though. I don't know I need my bros constant support. Can you guys help? I need a strong family like line and I know you guys can keep me encouraged. I love you guys and your bravery.
Taintedpaint Taintedpaint
18-21, T
Dec 6, 2010