Still Trapped

I've known I was a little boy since I was 4 and it's been 8 years. Coming out to anti LGBT classmates and unaccepting family memembers is rough. I've done research on trans teens and kids and I have clothing but I need a binder to hide my breast but a few problems I can't buy one online because of my mom and ACE bandages are known for breaking rib cages. (any tips) I start school in 2 months and it was hell last year finding out your a boy in a girls body and dealing with trans/homophobic comments everyday but I'm over that and ready for whatever comes my way, my main problem is my long hair and small breast any ideas or tips feel free to share to a troubled trans boy. It would mean alot us trans have to stick together along with the rest of the gay community.
Hiddenboyinthedark Hiddenboyinthedark
13-15, M
Jul 28, 2011