Never Changing

Alright the main point of me writing this is because of my family saying im gonna grow out of being so boyish. I've always been a tomboy since the age of 4 however I found out I was really a boy trapped in a girl's body by the age of 11-12. My mom keeps telling me it's ok to be boyish and girlish at different times and that I'll meet the right guy (Bullsh*t!) I like girls, I'm in a committed relationship with my amazing and badass girlfriend (Who rocks) my aunts buy me girly tight a** clothing and it's not my style I like baggy boy clothing. I cross dress (mostly in shirts). Only my cousin knows I'm trans and is totally cool with it. I want to be a father one day and a husband and they need to realize that I'm not a damn girl! Once I'm old enough and have my own place I'm transioning full time, no more skirts, tight clothes, dresses, no more living as someone I'm not. I love my video games, anime, rough housing, coffee, sleep, girlfriend, books, writing, and drawing. If they can't accept oh well that's their problem not mine. I am a boy and not changing anything but my legal papers to male and my appearance and body.
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I know what you mean man my mom was the same way telling me that when i came out to her but she's coming around more but i here you bro i didn't want to do it any more myself with people trying to force me to be something i am not i just said the hell with it all long ago, i live the way i want to how its best for me an not others but i agree with you on getting your own place when your free to get fresh air away from family it makes it a little more easy when some are not breathing down your neck so much. But you are right legal papers will be male and appearance will be different to you will still be the same person no matter what anyone says your you this is who you are.<br />
lol and people are just stupid they thought i was gonna grew out of it all too my boyish ways but never did , we are who we are can't help it.

I agree man and yeah your right sure we sill have our girly side but we're still male and we should be loud and proud 