I'm writing today to tell about how I plan to flatten my chest to create a male chest. I can't buy an online binder or find any tight spandex shirts so I'm gonna use a ACE band. It's risky I know but I weather pass and be happy then be notice and judged. I found a store that sells them and my grandma has one from her daughter broken ankle. I've tried it on a bit tight but it flattens. Wish me luck and if you guys have any other binding or passing tips feel free to lend a hand.
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when u tried 2 bras were they sports bras? if u get sports bras that r a size smaller then u need then double them up it mite work. but i have vary small breast so it may not work you.<br />
but u will need the thicker ones (like speedo ) and not the ones with cups , u want the ones that r a flat front. and i find wider straps help.

Yeah I'm try speddo bathing suit and see if it works thanks for the tips guys

Thanks for the tips guys I might try the tight shirts since wearing two bras didn't work

the amour shirts pass as undershirts too so thats why i suggested those... but ace wrap works too...

Thanks for the advice guys but I can't buy a binder or get one from YouTube because of my family :( anyway I was thinking of a really tight shirt or bra what you think

I bind on the daily and I'm unfortunately very big chested but I've been doing it so long now it's second nature.. Other passing tips you can always try using makeup to define your face masculine wise to help there are also videos on youtube for that as well.. Have you tried the body armor shirts you can get them at walmart and they aren't to bad price wise.. I recommend to get them two sizes smaller than what you wear for compression purposes.

Wooow dude you do not want to try it if you don't have a small chest Ace bands trust me check youtube if you want better ideas for binding that will help but i could help you get a binder from a guy i know on youtube he give out binders to FTM who are having a hard time getting one he works with others on it. let me know if you want the link.

Yeah I did that but the ace and works I use size 6 and have a shirt under it