Role Model

My whole life I have always had my mum and sisters as role models, bad ones but someone I could look up to and follow before I could figure out who I was but now I dont have anyone.
Im probably not making much sense but it was something I was talking to my mum about, trying to explain how it feels. I told her that it was almost like high school all over again, when your struggling to fit in and find yourself, its the same thing only this time I dont have anyone to look to. I dont have a single male role model in my life.... I wish I did, someone to help me present myself as a

I dont know, just something that was on my mind... to be honest I have so many things running through my mind im having trouble sticking to just one thing. im just not dealing to well and I dont know what is really bothering me... if I knew then maybe I could fix it but right now im just mentally running around in circles.
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1 Response Apr 10, 2012

anything you need just ask !!! I got four boys and they're mother died about 5 yrs ago so all testosterone in this house. add me for some wisdom. I mean it anything just ask