Gay. Young. All That

I'm a gay male trapped inside of a female body. It sux where I am cuz I feel like there's no turning back. But However, I try to find ways to fix them. Or conceal them. Like binding my chest. And pantsstuffers... And My dream to be a singer is almost there. Cuz I write lyrics and spend lots of time putting them to music. Yes indeedydoo. I love music. And I wanna be a pop star! And I'm also looking for a boyfriend who will accept me and push the entire Biologically girl thing aside and Love me for who I am! And I also need some new accepting friends as well! I need A LOT of things.. But it will eventually pay off. I can feel it. So.. That's about it. Please help me! I look forward to meeting you!
FangKhajiit FangKhajiit
13-15, M
May 7, 2012