Mommy Dearest

To cut a long story short, I came out to my mom as trangender through a letter. Now she calls me by my preferred name to make me happy (which is does) I smile so wide whenever she calls me by it. Not only has she been calling me by the name I want but allowed me to but the clothes I want to buy and things are going great right? Wrong!

She calls me my perrfered name and all but binding is another story for her to deal with. Today she asked me why I was wearing three shirts when it was nearly 89 degrees out and I told her that I had reasons. She felt my chest and said that wearing the shirts won't make them flat and that I don't need to hide my breast, I felt upset because 1) I know that they are not flat I just wanted to pretend it did and 2) it hurt that she said I don't need to yet she knows how I feel.

We are beginning my transition very slowly first with clothes (done) than my hair I have to get it taken care of before I can even get it cut. I've been binding with an ace band and two tank tops for school (I wear uniform) it works fine but it doesn't matter because I'm out and people can tell that I'm a girl biologly. Clear point is that my mom is trying it means a lot to me but I'm impatient about this, it doesn't help. I even tried to ask her to go to a pharmacy so that I can get another ace band for my chest and she asked why and I had to cover it up by saying I needed pads -_-

I just hope by the time summer starts for me things will change more
Hiddenboyinthedark Hiddenboyinthedark
13-15, M
Jun 16, 2012