Short Second

My old man took his old man and me out for a ball game. It was all nice I had on a tank top wifebeater that made my chest flat along with my jackets which were unisex. I had a baseball cap over my hair (I held my pony tail inside the cap to make it look like I had short hair). The day was going great it was fun seeing the Mets play. On the way to the security the lady called me "Bud" and excused me to go onto the males side to get checked but my dad told her that I was a girl and she apologized. I felt so happy at the moment because I passed without really trying and it just felt, I can't describe the emotions just amazing honestly. I know how to bind now from now on and also I wanna talk to my mom about getting a haircut any ideas tips? Enjoy :)
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13-15, M
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Got that right