My Story

Well my great story.

I'm jay and 17 I'm ftm. This all started when I was around 7 but I tried to push it away and ignore what was going on. I done this as I wanted to fit in and feel accepted. I have lived as someone I'm not for the past 17 years but at the start of this year I decided enough was enough so I came out changed my name and I am now looking into the next steps.

My story has taught me that you should always be true to who you are, you can't please everyone.
Jayb95 Jayb95
18-21, M
2 Responses Dec 10, 2012

Hey Jay, im Jaz, im happy that you have found the courage to come out and take the steps necessary for you to be happy. I myself am too out but am yet to really take any life-changing steps. If you ever need to talk or just want a friendly chat, message me :)

HI jay, Im dominic I know what you feel iv'e been keeping this a secret and since 2013 is coming up I have finally decided its enough ive come out slowly only to few people I trust my girlfriend, and my best friend, they except me and are fine with it for the most part. Im changing up my look from being this person im not to what I feel comfortable wearing and look like. If you need anyone to talk to or want to express ideas to me feel free (: