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As a kid i never liked wearing dresses or pink or even having long hair. I fist told my mom i was a lesbian at the age of 13. she said you have no idea what that is and it's just a faze. As time went by i would do things that just would make me suffer more with pain and sorrow. It was hard to smile and mean it. or laugh and really do it . People in the street would call me names because my hair was short, i wore male products and men's clothes. By the ages of 15 going on 16 I Just felt so useless and felt that i did not fit anywhere. I Started to just let people know that i'm not a girl i am a man in a women's body. Once people put their guard down and let new things come around the noticed i'm not what i have in the outside. I'm 16 almost 17 i use a binder everyday. My mom now calls me Jay. I'm A trans boy.
marcus96 marcus96 16-17, T Dec 30, 2012

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