My Introduction To The World As Ryan

Hello everyone,I'm 25 and pre everything at the moment but maybe that'll change this year (fingers crossed) I have an amazing wife who's supporting me with everything and I love her for that,I'm looking for other trans guys who are either pre everything or just starting out on t who's willing to help me out with questions,I'm not out to my family yet but most of my friends know I'm trying to find a way how to come out and not lose too many family members in the mean time I've been going by Ryan and all the male pro-nouns since about 2008 around friends I've known for awhile,I'm thinking that this year will be when I start everything and hopefully my family takes it pretty well,Sorry if this is too long and I've rambled on too much
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26-30, T
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Hi I'm 16, ftm, pre everything. If we could talk sometime, that'd be great. I'd love to talk to another ftm

Hi Ryan, I'm Emory. Pre everything. Starting my therapy in January. I started realizing I was trans about 4 years ago, but it scared me, so I left it there. It's come up over and over the past years. My wife told me at one point that it will not matter who I am, just that I am.

You know I will be here to help you baby, I will be by your side through it all. I love you so much. We will get through this together, just like everything else we have come across.

hi Ryan I'm Aryan. I'm 23 and i'm also pre everything. I gonna start my transition this year. I'm also not out to my family yet. so i think we are in same situation. so i just want to say best of luck to you. my good wishes are with you bro.......have gr8 life....

Thank you very much for that LotsShadows,If you'd like to message me through my profile with any questions or advice you're more than welcome to,I hope everything goes good for you too