I have kown i was a lesbian for a long timg and i knew something was wrong but only recently have i been able to put a name to the feelings i was having. I am still in school and im having some trouble with my transition. I have wanted people to change pronowns and my name but i dont know how to ask. Im also extreemly nervous to shop in the mens section i feel like people are going to ask questions or do something offencive. Lastly im terrified to come out to my parents, i have two mothers so it was realy easy to comeout being lesbian but this is a whole difrent ball game. If anyone has any advice that would be cool.
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1 Response Jan 19, 2013

<p>It's normal to afraid. Transition is not as easy as shaving hair off or changing musical preferences. <br />
The first thing you should learn firmly, by heart - okay, if you're a boy, there's nothing wrong. You're not a criminal or pervert. It just happened so, and you may work with the situation or tell it to get lost. Mention that your confusion won't disappear by itself. Also you should understand that transition is a long way. And if you're unsure, noone will choose for you or tell the right decision. Your heart and mind (together!) should guide you.<br />
About school: perhaps it would be good to speak with local psychologist or administration. They may give you some advises how to adapt in the concrete situation. If you suspect that coming-out will make you a target for ridicule, maybe you should wait when the year ends and change school? It's a big deal, but nothing is worth of becoming a local clown. Being newbie is not great, but at least people get to know you from aside and don't compare with what was earlier. Boy's life, especially transgender teen's is not that easy as it may seem. Kids tease and bully each other. They laugh at everybody who varies, but usually stop when they see the person doesn't answer their chasing and refuses to be a victim. <br />
About recharging wardrobe: if you want to buy clothes, it's your business. And noone else. If the reaction of sellers bothers you, you may invent some story like - shopping for brother or going to mascarade. But actually you'd get used soon!<br />
About family coming-out... You should see that this situation is shocking and confusing not only for you, but also for your mothers. Have confidence inside, and everything would be ok!</P>