Sashtiger: The Journey

I am genetically female. I should have been a man. I didnt do barbies. crashed toy cars n trucks and fixed my first car early. I have been mistaken for male long before I thought..a girl at a skating rink family priest who i hadnt seen for a while ..thought i am male. I have awesome all girlie girl daughters..thank god. so now i am 38, kids almost grown, one18 and one almost 14. I plan i think on transitioning when she few years older. I didnt before because they didnt make things like they do now. I am a decent looking female, just think i would feel right as the male i should have had the parts of. I feel cheated, yet blessed. Wouldnt change a thing..but it is time to get working on what i need now that my blessings are grown up almost. I want to do all this and i know how i want to do it..just need more info..I consider myself a ftm preeverything and i want T bigtime!! Thank you forĀ  reading this and feel free to comment or question..
sashtiger sashtiger
36-40, F
1 Response Jan 20, 2013

It's never late to start :)
And may the Force be with you!