Tired Of Hiding !!!!

hi guys, i think most of you can understand how its feel when you have to hide your emotions, have to hide youself from everyone, from your family, from your friends, from socity. Its sucks... and i'm still doing this. i hate it. i hate when people treat me as girl its not their foult but it hurts. sometime i jst wanna scream out and tell everyone that "hello!!! i'm not a girl dude" but i can't. i can't come out until i get job & become independant.
its really hard to hide. i'm tired of it. i'm mentaly a guy and i wanna live as i am. just becouse i was born as girl that doesn't mean i have to live as girl. i gonna chage it. soon i'll find a job and then i'll start my transition. and then i'll not gonna care what people gonna think about me and what my parents gonna say, if they won't accept me they will lose me. its my life.... I was born this way... its not my foult...
I'm just waiting for the day when i don't need to hide. and i'm sure it will come soon. its my hope, its my dream....
wish me a luck guy.... I really need best wishes...
and sorry if i bored you ???!!!!!
sidd73 sidd73
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3 Responses Jan 27, 2013

You are on the right way. Financial and social independence are more than masculine - they are human treats. Be brave and don't let this hide-and-seek game get you down!

same here.... i f*cking hate to hide who i am..

It is easy for you female to male then it is male to female just relax and be what you are and dress as you wish