Chipin Contribuators

Here is my chipin account if anyone wants to help me reach my second goal. With my last story i thought about it and voted against to puttingit up. Now that I slept on it.....whats it gunna hurt right? Either i will have kind ppl who support or been there to help me or im still gunna be sittin at $0 and looking at a big loan to pull.

http:// monkey off my back. chipin. com/ top-surgery   Just put it all together when you type it in the address bar.

I hope everyone has a good day today!

Spread your wings
Fly high
With no regrets!
jayd6 jayd6
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2 Responses Jan 28, 2013

I am on youtube....i dont do my stories on there cause I dont have a mic so it defeats the purpose.....but a guy that i talked to askin how it raised his money told me bout it. So, im havin the hard time spreadin the word out to get contributors. Which sucks now.....couple weeks ago some company bought out chipin so if I dont make anythin with it...I cant make another one. So, its pretty much all or im gettin a heafty loan (hopefully with my credit score that will let me).
But appericate the idea. Dont even know what tumblr is. lol that makes me feel old.....damnit im in that era! lol

are you on youtube or on tumblr coz i think there are kind of ppls who will help you for fund. i think you should ask there...might be it will help... all the best for your surgery...i wish u'll reach your goal..