What Should I Do?

Alright, so, I'm about to graduate in a few months, so I've been looking at colleges and stuff. I've been planning on going as Shaun, maybe in the second year, but now things have changed.

I heard of this internship that has to do with what career I want. I was really excited that not only do I get to work there and get paid, but they pay for everything.

So, I show my parents and they're on board right away. We look on the website together and my mom says "Look, (insert female name here), they have a boys and girls dorms!" She's all excited and I know why, because she's going to enroll me as a girl.

Now normally I would continue with my plan to enroll as Shaun the second year, but the company I would be working for deals strictly in children's movies, games, toys, etc. This complicates things because now I'm not sure how they would react with a Transgender person working with kids.

Kids aren't really exposed to this kind of thing, unless they know someone that is one. Even if they do know what it is, they might look at it as a negative thing. I've heard how kids are with calling each other gay and some of the victims of that kill themselves even. They might treat me like I'm some monster or something.

I know that it sounds like I really care what little kids think and I do, but not to the point where I wouldn't identify as male. My real concern is with the people I will be working for. What if they don't let me in because of it?If I just identify as male around my friends, what if word gets out? I could be kicked out. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. I can't pass this up, but I also can't stand people looking at me and seeing a girl anymore. On top of all that, the dorms are strictly split. No guys on the girl's side and no girls on the guy's side.There are no solitude or neutral dorms. Basically, this place is not trans friendly and I know that's what my mom loves the most about it, but I can't pass this up. If I get this, then I can get a better job and get money for my transition faster. This job could mean the difference between transitioning when I'm 35 or 53(random ages).

Any ideas?
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I think you should try internship if it seems so important and gives such perspectives. Being known as (old data here) is a kind of working undercover in your situation.
It's nice if it's possible to specify their opinion about TG. Maybe the anonymous request is possible, if it puts you on guard.
And possible failure must not repulse you. Everything may happen: college/job accepts you, ignores you, gets swept by earthquake, etc.
I changed docs after graduation from college. My dad controlled my study for the couple of years, so everybody (including administration) knew I'm whatever - a dyke, a rebel, a loony, - but a man. After I came to ask new credential, they all screamed: "Why didn't you come before? We could help!". And some of my pals changed everything at their second or third year. And some of 'em had to stop education or switch colleges because of chasing. You'd never guess.

Send a email to them asking bout the situation? Just in general so they know your not askin for you, ya know. If they are against it......which would be ****** up then ya really have some hard thinkin. Im 30yrs now and i wished i gt started sooner with my transitioning. Hope everythin works out for ya.