Binding And Other Hardships

I always prayed to god, that i would magically be a boy, so i could feel right, so i could feel comfortable in my own skin. And now, that I am older, i have realized praying isn't going to do me much good, in this situation atleast. I have finally found a girl who accepts me for being trans. And all of this is so new to me, i was wondering if anyone had any way to help me out with binding, packing, but most importantly passing. I have a built of a guy i guess, broad shoulders, short legs, deep enough voice, all that good stuff, but i cant seem to find a way to bind my chest down. I have 40DD and nothing seems to work.
Any advice would be amazing.
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2 Responses Feb 6, 2013

go on youtube and search for ftm binding. u'll get lots of imformation there. binders from undetworks are good for result.

I guess you may study up "Hudson's FtM Guide", there's enough information collected and stated in a popular way.
With your size Ace bandage won't help, there'd be too much fabric that embarrasses. Maybe a medical waistband with stickers will go, if you are short of money. The easiest choice is a special binding t-shirt. I was over your size, tried everything I could including neoprene waistbands, and nothing was good enough until I bought compression vest - something like "Morris Designs" sells. I wore it for 6 months before I had top surgery, and this was the happiest half year period in my pre-op life :).
If you're going to buy something, don't be shy and elaborate details, like choosing sizes, comparing prices, etc.

I'll have to look into the guide. Thank you for your comment and all your advice. I've been trying to bind my chest for years, tried duct tape, ace bandages, but all it did was cause harm to my lungs and ribs. Is there any website that i can find a compression vest?

The guide I've mentioned contains some links on shops. You should watch through the Chest Binder Review Blog especially. Also community will be very helpful (search the tags): guys share tons of information.
Good luck!