Closed Minded Family/friends

I am a 23 y/o ftm. I have been on t for just over 7 months now. I am from the state of michigan but know I am down in Ga. I am in the mist of moving down to ga. I have been outta the closet for the last three years and closed minded people live in michigan I guess. I have been kicked outta my house left and right and lost 98 percent of my friends in michigan. Father took t all the time from my room when I was at work and all. I ended up getting kicked outta emt-b school cuz of the fact I am ftm . Why do people read so much into peoples labels you know. I guess what can you say about those stupid people. I am living with my friend and her family down in ga. It is a better place. I do not hafta worry about being kicked or locked outta the house. I guess you live and you learn the people that you think will be there thou thick and thin leave you hanging when you most need them. Well I guess that is all for now.

KaseyShane KaseyShane
Feb 28, 2009