I've been living as a male with hormone therapy for about two and a half years. I've legally changed my name and can't afford surgery (plus my insurance has refused to cover it).
My family is very religious and only recently agreed to avoid pronouns if they can't say "he."
If love them to fully accept me as Matthew, but I'll take what I can get. At least they've stopped calling me by my former name.

So my current dilemma is whether or not I should ask them to stop posting pictures of me as a child on social media, and at the very least stop tagging me as the former.

Rationally, I know they aren't doing it to hurt me, and it's not frequent enough to make something out of it...but I have a long history of not standing up for myself. So my dilemma is primarily sorting whether or not standing up for myself applies here..versus just roving my profiles tag and staying quiet about the topic.
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I changed my name to a female name I could feel comfortable with...my mom won't even use my new female name without putting it in quotation marks.
So I know telling her I am truly male will be out of the question.
You will deal with it for a long time. Learning to ignore it will be best.
I know it's so hard when you feel 100% male, but everyone around sees you as female and throws a wrench in your gears by using the wrong pronouns to address you.
The reality checks are cheap shots to the gut.

You can ask them to respect the use of your image . . .it is not even just about gender . . .why do they think they can use your image as they like anyway?
It is an extremely big ask for someone who once called you daughter to call you son.
But that does not mean you should not ask it.
Ask,and know that even if they refuse, at least you stated what you wanted. beyond that, their reactions are out of your control and not your problem.
Can you accept that the female child you were will always be precious to them, even though it is nothing to do with who you are now?