Im 21 now. I'm about 60kg, pretty average for a woman my age... Over the past 13 years off my life I've struggled with my sexuality, to give you my background; I was brought up in a home with a mother that had/still has Schizophrenia and Bipolar DIsorder and a father who was in the army, my sister and I were never close and whilst growing up my past time activities were playing with my best friend, my cat Digger and getting in the pool after school when nobody was home and sticking the hose in between my legs and having ******* in the pool. That was when I was in grade 6. Since I was about 8 I've been sticking clothes under my clothes to resemble a fat person/pregnant person or someone with big boobs. The most reoccurring fantasy I had whilst doin this was being force fed and just gaining weight, sometimes before but mainly after I reached my ****** I would feel absolutely disgusted with myself for doing it and thank the heavens that I wasn't stuck like that. My issue is that I have no desire to be fat but it turns me on like nothing else. I lost my virginity when I was 14 and for 5 years since loading it I faked each and every ******, up until one guy came also and use tickling as foreplay and fingered me and made me ***. Since that I thought maybe I would be better suited to girls I like butts and boobs but that still not enough to get me to ***. I feel like the only way I will ever *** is by myself and I will be doomed to live alone forever... And I also feel like until I can have an ****** with a male I will never be able to settle down with them and be happy.. What is wrong with me?
Stuffybear Stuffybear
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Not trying to be gross .. But try ******* bb... I sure you'll *** harder than ever before