It Effects My Decisions

It's really hard to pinpoint an answer when I think hard about all the factors involved in a situation.

A basic need like a place to live can raise a great argument inside my head.

I envy those who can find a solid stand and never consider the other side.

LordVoldemort LordVoldemort
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8 Responses Mar 3, 2010

@ jo: thank you, I will try that, it sounds like a great idea<br />
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@ Roj: I agree, but still my husband makes decisions without considering any factors<br />
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@ MLN fish: My point exactly<br />
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Thank you very much for your kind comments

hmm... A roof over ones head!?<br />
considering the world climate situation what kind of a roof should one look for!?<br />
what amount of moeny should one spend considering the fact that over half the worlds population is basicly up the creek with out a paddle. <br />
desitions are hard depending on how you look at it ;)

I heartily agree with AT. It's different people that have simple and complex ways of making decisions - not different genders :-)<br />
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LOL at Jo... SOME men use logic and reasoning; SOME women do too.<br />
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I write lists of pros and cons sometimes but then just go with my gut feel anyway.

LV, I know you are quite mathematical, could it be that you are simply looking at all the possibilities, just try the list.

Here is a tip write down all the pros & cons, & you will discover ur decision. Many famous males use this method, some used it for any trivial matter as well. Men use logic & reasoning, not everything is logical a male once told a group of men. AgeingThinker is correct when choosing a new home,<br />
estate agents, always say it is the woman you have to please. She will decide.<br />
Hope it helps! Women are more empathetic & understanding..... (and a few men).

@ agening thinker: so, ultimately it's the women that open the Pandora's box!

LV and ButterFlying - I had a great laugh reading your assumption that we men can simply pick a place to live as we see fit. I must assure you we men need to consider umpteen factors, chief among them being the opinion of our spouses. Freedom is always relative --:)

@ butterflying: I agree, men can find simplicity in the most complex situation<br />
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They do as they like