I am a peaceful person and never approve of violence and war;

Yet there are some leaders that make me want to strangle them or just bit some sense into their hollow head.

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I know what you mean LV.

LV - you remind me of a middle-eastern legend, but I don't know how to tell it well. <br />
God has seen the sinful city and decided to destroy it. The rockets, full of hail and brimestone, have been manouvred into position. The city sits in the cross-hairs, all the coordinates have been fed into computers. Then, in the last moment, God has a second thought. What if there are 30 true souls in that city ?<br />
You are one of those 30 true souls. I'm no God, but I know there are many more like you, perhaps even the majority. Let the rockets be dismantled. One day - God willing - we'll sit at the same table and we'll break some fresh bread together.

Coundnt agree more Lv

@ Jo: thank you, he truly deserves this award

LV I empathise with you he is the most destructive, and least convincing. A troublemaker and....<br />
has he learned nothing from the East. Ignorance award goes to him. I feel for the people.

He lies so easily

@ Paco: I don't think he has a hidden agenda, he made it clear that he wants to ruin the world!

@ Trouble shooter: when ever he talks, I am filled with rage!<br />
<br />
@ Red: yes, but this one is super idiot!

I agree. Hidden agendas while the general population serves as pawns. <br />

I think that is a sentiment that is growing larger everyday. More and more people are becoming disgusted with their leaders and their hidden agendas.