My Greatest Desire - Warning Mature Content.. If You Aren't Don't Read It!!!

He always goes down on me first, eager to please me. He knows it excites me when he laps up my fruity juices so he buries his face deep inside my p*ssy. I moan, grind down on him and feel him sucking hard on my ****. Soon I'm exploding, ******* on his face, painted his smile with my own special brand of lip gloss. LOL 

He always wants to 'put it in' a minute ... and I always love to have him do it. As he strokes deep I feel his **** hitting just right and soon the flood gates are open and the river flows from deep within my thighs, coating his **** and balls with my *** until it is dripping. I can’t help but grind deeper on him as he thrusts deeper and deeper inside me. He loses it and moans out my name, filling me to overflowing.

Now it is my turn to have him in my mouth, it isn’t a want, I need to have him deep inside my mouth.  I love to taste my *** on his ****; his precum mixed with my *** is such a blissful taste. With each lick and suck I can taste “us” and it is a huge turn on.  Today his balls were especially soaked so I took my time with them, sucking them gently in my mouth, tasting our *** and seeing his eyes widen as he whispers: "I love it when you do that."  I love it most when he hesitates while saying it ... because I know he is concentrating on not blowing his load down my throat as I suck him. This is when he is sexiest to me.  When he is vulnerable to me yet he doesn’t care because we are one in the moment and loving each other.

Ah, I love to taste my juice on his **** and it is my greatest desire. ((giggle))

fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
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7 Responses Mar 16, 2010

Well, well..... Humm Giving me ideas to do with my special lady.... Hehehehehe....

I like that too! May I taste your juice on his ****? Or his in you? I'll return the favor.

LOL glad you liked it gentlemen

Hehe! You are welcome.

Oh no are you seeing things again ER? LOL

Since when have you worked with me around CSA?<br />
<br />
<br />
MMMM is right JimFin. I was effing hot when I wrote this. ((giggle)) XOXOXOXOXO