" Hope Is The Dream Of The Wide-awake Man.”


" Hope is the dream of the wide-awake man.” Aristotle.



When we have hope spectacular things can happen…


If we showed hope at moments of really severe crises, we do not adopt that position in the daily situations?

People with chronic diseases and terminal, some awaiting a transplant like only possibility of living, going deeper in the political, racial or cultural effects of the violence by reasons in the people who are the victims, whereas others  dealed with the subject the migrations like the last option in the search of better conditions of life.

All at some time of our existence we have been in situation that does not seem to have solution, nevertheless, if sights towards the past you realize that in most of the occasions you have surpassed those difficult stages and now probably you see them like a learning or a distant memory, disagreeable, but perhaps distant. That is what happens with the difficult situations, possibly finish dissolving, the suffering cannot be eternal, we only must have HOPE in which the situation will be solved.

The HOPE can be evaluated from different points of view:

1.The people who consider themselves self-sufficient could consider it negative, could think that it is a little trustworthy resource because for them  means to hope to that the things simply happen in case single and that that belief is remote of the reality.

2.For the people with spiritual beliefs  HOPE can be something very positive, because it means that they have confidence in which “something” or “somebody” superior one will maintain the course to correct  things.

3.Those with a more rational thought would say that HOPE by itself does not work, that are the actions that imply a constructive change those that can favor leaving that difficult situation.

How you evaluate your level of HOPE? What as much you trust people, in the future,  and yourself?

 HOPE is a stimulant that gives the capacity  to dream, to think in that we are going to be well; it is a motor that directs us towards positive things…  if anyway we must face the challenges, difficulties and situations that  life offers, it is better to do it with HOPE that without it. In the phrase that appears at the beginning of this writing, attributed to Aristotle, I can see that for him HOPE meant the possibility of acceding to any  sort of things; in  dreams there are no time rules and the laws of the physics are not valid, in few words, everything is possible, for him, the hope had the power to open all the possibilities, the power to create. So shouldn't't we adopt this idea of possibility like part of ours of thinking daily?

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You are an Inspiration!!! You have a place for everything. Hope with Spirit, makes the world right.
Marry Christmas........

Hope is what keeps us moving foward to the now and possibly the future.