In the morning, when I awake, I'm filled with joy at the start of a new day.

The morning sunrise meets my eyes in a shock of deep colour that permeates my soul, and I'm filled with wonder at the beauty of the world.

The song of robins surrounds me and lifts me a little lighter, as I float about the kitchen, preparing.

Suddenly, the sight of a baby robin bobbing in the grass grabs me completely, and all at once I've fallen in love with this amazing creature, doing what baby robins do.  I watch her, mesmerized, for quite awhile, then notice her mom watching her earnestly, perched upon our backyard fence.  I smile to myself, and think of my own two children, and feel at one with her.  I start to forget where I end and everything else begins, and suddenly there is no difference.

Peacefulness, restfulness, joy.

The day starts.  Filled with wondrous potential.
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4 Responses Jul 10, 2010

Absolutely! It's all around us, when we stop to really look, and <i>see</i>. Most of time we're so caught up in our mental activity that we don't notice such beauty around us. The simple, everyday things we miss and take for granted... the 'tap tap' of my keyboard as I write this.. is.. quite.. amazing. lol So simple :D Thanks, silversurfer, for bringing this story back to life! I needed this, this morning.

Thanks for joining me in my joy, lol, destry and trailguide ((hugs)) :)

Beautiful :)

Comments like this want to make me keep writing and writing! lol Thank you, Jon. It means a lot that you'd think so.